15 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe.

15 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe.

Our homes should be a place of comfort, warmth and protection but sadly, in every batch of eggs there is always going to be at least one bad egg. Although security and police are advancing by the minute, robberies still happen and the offenders may not be caught. Fear not, there are a few easy things you can do to help you to sleep at night knowing you and your belongings are going to be safe.

Never publicise holidays on social media until they are over as anybody could look and see that you are away from home and make a move.

Dummy or real CCTV’s can be the perfect deterrent, especially if you show them in plain view. It also helps you gather evidence for an easier arrest.

Investing in a home safeis an amazing way to hide and protect your things. They not only protect from robberies but they can protect from house fires, flooding and any elemental disturbances depending on what safe you choose to get.

Keeping your garden tidy indicates that the house is occupied. This can deter robbers as they’d rather steal without people inside.

Also keeping a light or two on while you’re out can also create an illusion of an occupied house. It’s worth the extra money on your house bill!

Hidden storage spaces in awkward or hard to reach places are perfect. When targeting a house, they want it to be done quickly and swiftly so hiding valuables will lengthen the time and also will not be visible to the naked eye at first glance.

Outdoor lights with or without sensors light up your house so if someone is nearby, you can spot them more easily.

Always lock the doors, even when you are inside. Some robbers will risk it all to get your goods, and can sneak in while you’re in another room or sleeping so always keep your keys on hand and never place them in plain view.

Shredding paper and boxes will conceal your identity and prevent identity theft.

Dogs are perfect for guarding, well we all know why dogs are brilliant for protection!

Mirror placement is usually gone un-noticed but mirrors that show alarm systems or give the robber a larger scale view of any valuables is a huge no-no. Make sure the reflection has no valuables or anything of the sort in its view. Make sure to check from all angles.

Reinforced windows on cars and homes will be stronger thus harder to break through.

Privacy Settings on Social Media is something everyone should look at. Your social media can give away a lot more than just your address so make sure you check your privacy settings and only add people you know.

A simple way is to install an alarm system as it not only scares the thieves away but alerts the police and everyone on your street.

Changing locks every year is something you should look into doing. You can easily recreate or break into key locks..

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