3 Top Tips for Trade Show Success

3 Top Tips for Trade Show Success

As explained rather succinctly via the Entrepreneur Magazine website, a trade show is:

‘[a]n exhibition for companies in a specific industry to showcase and demonstrate their new products and services. Generally trade shows are not open to the public and can only be attended by company representatives and members of the press. Also, an exhibition of businesses offering franchises and/or business opportunity packages for sale.’

Then, trade shows are something every business that takes it’s self seriously and expects or hopes to be taken seriously should know about. Further, in order to kill thecompetition and triumph within an industry, a business should also be aware of and implement the following three tips when attending and setting up stall at every trade show they attend.Image result for 3 Top Tips for Trade Show Success

  • Branded Workwear: Make it Clear Who You Are

Staff members are walking billboards. Unlike posters, signs, banners and actual billboards, staff get about; they socialise, they engage with people – and those who do so whilst wearing branded workwear also promote your business.

Consequently, not only is high quality workwear such as that provided by the likes of Stitch Embroidery a must-have for any business attending a trade show, it is also a must-invest in for any business; after all, embroidered workwear is one of the major ways any business which deals with the public turns its self from a company or service into a recognisable brand.

  • Business Cards: The Importance of Marketing Materials

Yet another things all businesses should have to hand, is business cards. The most inexpensive, portable and effective perhaps of all marketing materials (and this is definitely the case when attending a trade fair) the humble business card is something no business can afford to do without.

Those attending trade fairs visit a lot of stalls, see a lot of demos and speak with a lot of people. Hence, unless a person, company, business or potential contact leaves your stall with a business card it is highly likely that however well your stall looked or demo did at drawing a crowd, by tomorrow you and your efforts will have been forgotten by the majority of people who saw them.

Then, whether you already have slots booked at up and coming trade fairs or not, a great tip for any business is to head over to the likes of the Vistaprint website where you can get professional business cards made expertly and inexpensively.

  • Freebies, Discounts and Demos: How to Successfully Speculate to Accumulate

One up from the business card and a marketing strategy and tool more likely to get people to stop by, notice or make the effort to come over to your stall is of course anything offered for free.

It isn’t that people specifically want something for nothing or greed that makes offering freebies, discounts and demos so effective; rather, it is a little more psychologically complex than that. Suffice to say, we all love a bargain and it feeds our ego to think we have gotten one. Further, we recollect those, including businesses, which treat us as VIPs in any way and with gestures of any size, subconsciously with positive associations. Hence, in future when we need a service, product or a friend or relative does or we require the help and business of a contact, we are more likely to think of those which for which we think positively.

Then, the humble freebie, emblazoned of course with a brand logo, is never to be sniffed at or seen as an unnecessary expenditure. Not only are well chosen freebies advisable, they are indispensible marketing tools. Meanwhile, ensuring any discounts you are currently offering feature on your stall banners and performing demos when possible are also of equal importance, and to learn why as well as how to stage effective demos, you can do so via the Trade Show Advisor Website.

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