4 Marketing Principles You Need To Know

4 Marketing Principles You Need To Know

It doesn’t matter what type of company you have, marketing is important if you want to be successful.  Marketing, of course, is the way that you interact and engage with your target audience or demographic.  If you make maternity clothes, for example, your marketing strategy would probably tend to focus on the interests and concerns of expectant and new mothers.  

This is is actually the first step in developing a successful marketing strategy to propel your business into the stratosphere.  There are actually four of these principles, so lets take a look at them.

Portrait Of A Physically Fit Young Man In A Healthy Club

Portrait Of A Physically Fit Young Man In A Healthy Club

PRINCIPLE #1:  Knowing your Objectives

When it comes to Doculand marketing, the first thing you want to do is think about where you are trying to go.  Who is the audience you are trying to reach.  In our example, above, we are trying to reach, to put it simply, moms.  

For some companies it is very easy to identify the target audience—if your product is as specific as maternity clothes or a service like plumbing or auto repair.  In some cases, though, it might seem like your best approach is to just get your name out there; and that is easier to do today than it has ever been thanks to the beauty of the internet.  However, these mass marketing approaches do not work the same way they used to.  Digital media—and a rapidly expanding market—have actually evolved consumers to be more scrutinizing.  

Thus, identifying and catering to a smaller niche target audience is often far more successful.

PRINCIPLE #2:  Use Innovation Teams

Every business starts small and expands, as you grow you will find it gets harder and harder to manage on your own.  That is why you should plan to employ innovation teams to focus on specific ways to improve.  When the time comes you can let them work autonomously to stay ahead of your competition while you continue to look for new ways to grow

PRINCIPLE #3:  Divide and Conquer

Basically, you want to keep innovation separate from strategy. These are two arms of the same animal but they need to work independently in order to work together. Innovators are creative problem solvers who have think outside the box while strategists tend to work under more rigid parameters. You need both to succeed, but they cannot always work together, directly. Instead, collect a best-case scenario from each side and find the best compromise.

PRINCIPLE #4:  Have Open Assets

In today’s multi-faceted, fast-paced world, you need to keep all of your assets out where they can be used easily and freely.  Combine print marketing with digital marketing while also developing a loyalty campaign, for example.  Know how to combine your best tools to achieve the most efficient results.


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