4 Small Business Marketing Tips For Success In 2018

4 Small Business Marketing Tips For Success In 2018

When you know that more than 80% of consumers conduct an online search before making a purchase, we measure the importance of digital marketing in the way of making themselves known to potential customers!

This development is even more critical for SMEs wishing to stand out from the competition on the web and social networks. But how to do concretely when you are a beginner in the field? I propose a small practical guide for SMEs, which summarizes the essential points to know when you embark on digital marketing.

Establish Clear And Measurable Goals

The first mistake that many SMEs make is to want to use a digital platform without thinking about its original goals. Depending on the nature of your goal, your entire digital marketing strategy will have to be adapted.

For example, if you have the objective of increasing the visibility of a new brand or a new product, you will implement actions different from a goal where you want to generate B2B leads.It is essential that your goals are measurable and transparent.

This will allow you to assess whether or not they have been met when evaluating the success of your digital marketing actions.

Define Your Audience

Another crucial step in setting up a digital marketing strategy is identifying its audience. If you are an SME active in B2B, you will favor platforms adapted to this audience (for example by setting up a blog and a LinkedIn page).

If on the other hand, you propose a consumer product and therefore aim for a broad audience, you will be able to favor platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.Defining your target audience (s) is essential for your future actions in digital marketing. This is why you should not neglect the setting up of precise descriptions of these audiences (demographic indicators, pathways, needs, etc.).

Choose The Appropriate Digital Platforms

Once you have defined your target and target audiences in your digital marketing strategy, you are finally ready to select the right digital platforms and actions for your digital communication. Here are the leading platforms below:

  • Website
  • blog
  • E-mail
  • Social networks
  • Digital Advertising (on Google and social networks)

You can also consider the free small business marketing tools to grow your business without having to spend an arm and a leg to meet the needs of your business.

Optimize Your Website For Customer Engagement

The website of an SME is often the heart of its digital ecosystem. This is usually the first element that a user sees the company, is perhaps a lead generation channel or sales inevitable. The critical component is to define the purpose of your website and identify which pages and sections are essential to you (contact form, online product catalog, online sales, etc.).

It is also with your website that you can look for a proper positioning in Google according to defined keywords. If you want to go further in the field of SEO, here are 11 tips for beginners in SEO.

Grow Your Blog To Inform Your Audience

The blog is a fascinating way to show your expertise in an area by offering quality articles. It is also a crucial element to improve your SEO and to retain potential customers by giving them useful advice.The key is to offer a call to action “in different articles to motivate readers to discover your business and encourage conversions.

Utilize Email Marketing To Close More Sales

Email marketing is a historical discipline of digital marketing, but still useful when we know that 72% of Internet users prefer to communicate by email according to a study. This is a fascinating tool to retain visitors through a newsletter for example, with the immense advantage of being able to segment its user lists.

It is also essential to use a suitable tool for sending your marketing campaigns and your newsletter, I summarized for you the 12 best emailing solutions in my opinion in an article.

Leverage Social Media To Grow Your Online Presence

It’s hard to miss out on social media when it comes to digital marketing! Whether you are a company active in B2B or B2C, you will find a social network tailored to your needs.It is essential, however, not to fall into the trap of “it’s free”!

Indeed the establishment of corporate profiles on social networks is free, but it requires an investment of resources to offer quality content regularly and to conduct community management of your attendance.

Use Digital Marketing To Reach A Larger Audience

Google and social networks offer opportunities to advertise. The huge advantage over traditional channels is to be able to target audiences very precisely and spend less money than for campaigns in traditional media. For advertising in Google, called Adwords, I created a short guide to the beginner of Google Adwords for SMEs if you are interested.

Don’t Forget To Measure Results

To evaluate the success of your digital marketing actions, you can not do without measurement tools. The good news is that there are several free tools on the market, the best known of which is Google Analytics. You can measure your results and obtain useful information such as the traffic sources of your site, as well as a large number of other indicators.

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Chris is a Digital Media Strategy Consultant at StrategyBeam, where he helps small business owners and nonprofits reach their goals through Internet marketing. He loves learning about upcoming business trends and helping companies grow their business and reach their goals!

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