4 Ways to Set Your Country Club Apart in All the Right Ways

4 Ways to Set Your Country Club Apart in All the Right Ways


Running a truly exceptional country club isn’t just about offering guests a top notch golfing experience and beautiful atmosphere to enjoy. Your competition is doing that to the best of their ability as well, so your club needs to stand head and shoulders above the rest in other ways if you’re serious about succeeding. The following are just a few must-know strategies for helping your club stand out.

  1. Elevate Your Service

Most top clubs are going to be focused on offering members flawless playing conditions, great food, and stellar facilities. You can help take yours to the next level by dedicating yourself to impeccable customer service as well. Staff members should be focused on personalizing the experience for each member by learning their names, as well as their unique habits, quirks, preferences, and dislikes. Each guest should be greeted by their name, as well as made to feel just like a member of the family every time they make an appearance. 

  1. Prioritize Your Amenities

Adding new amenities to the mix is one way to make sure your club stays relevant, but it’s not the only one. Constantly reinvesting in the facilities, perks, and amenities you already have is often even more effective. Identify the areas where your club truly excels (e.g. dining options, practice facilities, or event hosting), and brainstorm additional ways to take those areas from good to exceptional. 

  1. Create an Adaptable Budget

The owners of the best clubs in operation today have airtight budgeting systems. They’re aces at striking a good balance between high standards and realism when it comes to setting goals for the future, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of a given investment strategy. However, they’re also great at making adjustments and adapting as needed. A great budget is frugal and smart, but leaves enough wiggle room to change direction as needed. You can ensure this happens by hiring a top country club management  team to help you with the details.

  1. Revamp Your Membership Process

The best country clubs never just sit back and let things happen when it comes to attracting new members. They’re very proactive about pursuing people that would make ideal members. Think community leaders, affluent locals, and respected individuals who would really add something to the overall atmosphere of the club!

When it comes to setting your country club apart from the competition in ways that really count, it’s all about standards. Set yours high. Cultivate facilities, service packages, and a team that can help you meet your goals. It won’t be long before you’re right where you want to be.


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