5 Event Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid

5 Event Marketing Mistakes You Can Avoid

For the GWC USA company, event marketing is important in order fir them to get more conversions and turn these into loyal customers. Most companies are overall successful when it comes to event marketing but some can also fail at this due to the event marketing mistakes that are commonly made by them. These event marketing mistakes can all be avoided and below are the following 5 event marketing mistakes that you can avoid as a company:

  1. Going in blind: Make sure you plan everything from your pitch, your staff, and to also research what type of people will be at this event and if they will be beneficial to you or not.

  1. Not knowing how much staff you need: Nothing looks worse than having too much staff at your booth and them all standing around doing nothing.

  1. Forgetting relevant conversations: It is important that the relevant conversations you have you need to keep track of these by taking someone’s business card and writing on the back of it can be quite useful based on what you discussed and when you should follow up with that prospect or if you should just discard the business card at the end of the event.

  1. Missing deadlines: For a big event such as a trade show, we know how expensive these are and the cost of missing discount deadlines can really hurt your company’s wallet. Many events offer early bid specials for the venue space, hotels, shipping and more and you may end up spending double the amount you anticipated if you miss these kind of discount events therefore you need to plan and make sure you are up to date on everything for big events.

  1. Not standing out from the crowd: If you have the best looking booth and it still doesn’t draw any traffic, then you most likely wouldn’t be returning to a tradeshow the following year. You need to be able to create a buzz by standing out and most people will notice you based on what you are wearing or based on the freebies you are giving out or come to your booth due to the contest going on.


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