5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Construction Company

5 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Commercial Construction Company

The construction business has a large pool of commercial contractors. This makes choosing a particular contractor a difficult process for a client who who wants to maximize value, quality, courtesy, experience, and professionalism. Finding the right company requires asking the right questions and getting the right answers. If you want to cut righright to the chase,  will want to cut these processes, you may as well can just go ahead and choose opt for a reliable company like DCM. But if you wouldill like to go through the whole process of hiring, then thesese tips are for you.

Below are five questions a client should ask when considering who to hire. This serves as a litmus test to differentiate pretenders from contenders.  

#1: What Type of Business History and Background Do You Have?

A company with a long and excellent background, coupled with a deep business history, would have established a legacy, thus having an established track record. The companies with the highest standards tend to have a strong track record that leads to a rich legacy.  A licensed commercial company indicates that its employees have the necessary education, training, and apprenticeships, to qualify for the work they are being asked to deliver. The specialty of a firm is confirmed when this e question above is asked.

#2: What Are Some of Your Past Projects?

A firm with a background in commercial construction will be happy to give different references to previous work and achievementsefforts. This Pprevious work will represents the company in the best possible light, and iIf you can, it’s great to go through these references – this gives insight and understanding on the type of experience the contractor possesses in different markets. References show how a company works, who they work with, how efficient they are and how well their work satisfiesy their customers.

#3: What Kind of Timeline Do You Have for This Particular Project?

Timing is an important factor, thus a project in this field should have an established timeline and deadline. This should be from the start date of the design process to the actual completion date of construction.  More costs are is incurred on a longer, large commercial construction project when timing limits are not followed. The project timeline should have flexibility for uncontrollable factors like weather. Extremely quick completion timelines should raise a red flag.

#4: What Is Your Safety Record?

Commercial construction companies with good records on different safety concerns KPIs ensure that the project moves along on time (and, of course, that no one is hurt along the way) . This is due to the fact that workplace injuries slow work down. Thereforeus, a safe job site says a lot about how caring the company is to the workers and to the overall job. One should avoid a commercial contractor with a negative approach to an important (or any) aspect of safety.

#5: Are Your Costs Fixed or Projections Estimates?

It is very important to have an honest discussion about the project costs. A good commercial construction company that is also experienced tends to have a good relationship with suppliers. This ensures proper project estimate costs, therebyus avoidingpreventing being blindsided by hidden additional costs when an invoice is prepared by the commercial construction company. The invoice must contain a list of fixed costs.

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