5 Signs You May Need to Call an Exterminator

5 Signs You May Need to Call an Exterminator

Pests can turn your life into a nightmare – literally. The thought of a spider crawling to your bed while you sleep, or a cockroach flying from the cupboard to your face can send shivers down your spine in an instant. If you have pests in your home and can’t seem to do anything else rather than think of their presence, then the next best thing that you can do is to call a Pointe Pest Control expert.

Of course, your peace of mind comes first. So when it’s threatened, you definitely should call for help. However, not all scenarios call for professional intervention – like when you see a spider crawling in a tree a few meters from your home or when you have fruit flies swinging on a fruit that you left on the kitchen counter. So, that leads us to the question, when should you call an exterminator?

To answer that question, here are five signs you may need to call an exterminator

When you have a severe infestation

It’s essential to assess the extent of your infestation first before placing that call. After all, two or three cockroaches crawling in the garbage bin outside doesn’t necessarily mean you are under attack – you can eliminate them yourself. The same applies to a single mouse running in your backyard. However, if you realize a mice activity in your home, or capture quite a handful in a few days, you may want to run to your telephone screaming, “help.” If you are not sure about the extent of the infestation, then you may want to ask for help. When in doubt – it’s best to leave it to the experts.

You have failed in your DIY

If you are like many people, your first step to dealing with the pest issue is to rush to the nearby store and get some pesticide. But what happens when your efforts to get rid of the pest are in vain? You guessed it right, call the professionals. They have what it takes to deal with your pest problem once and for all.

You’re dealing with a potentially dangerous pest

Pests aren’t just disgusting; they are also dangerous. Pests like cockroaches, fleas, mice, rats, and mosquitoes are known to carry and spread diseases to humans and pets. Others like the black widow and brown recluse spiders are venomous, and their bite can cause severe consequences. If you are dealing with such pests, and cannot gamble with your family’s wellbeing, then calling a professional will help ease your mind.

When the pests disgust you

It is hard to coexist with something that disgusts you – but it’s even harder to face and exterminate them yourself. In such a case, hiring a professional can help save you from the trouble.

You’re dealing with tough pests

Pests like ants can be a handful to eliminate. Even when you succeed to destroy an entire colony, a single survivor can build a new colony that could be resistant to the pesticide you used. Others like termites live inside walls and may be hard to reach. In such cases, you’ll need the experience of a professional to eliminate these pests.


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