5 Surprising Ways to Use Bubble Wrap in the Office

5 Surprising Ways to Use Bubble Wrap in the Office

For as long as people have been sending items from one place to another, keeping fragile object intact has been a challenge to overcome. Precious china, vases, statues and other fragile items once had little chance of surviving a long journey over the post. That is, until bubble wrap was invented, and the ability to protect these items became a possibility. Bubble wrap is used by billions worldwide in both offices and homes to protect items being shipped or mailed out. However, many people fail to utilise their bubble wrap’s full benefits, especially in an office setting. Once you get your hands on some quality bubble wrap there are many surprising ways you can use it to your advantage.

Protect Surfaces

Offices and other places of business experience a lot of heavy foot traffic as people move in and out each day. With all of the bustle involved in an office building, walls, tables, and other surfaces can become scratched and scuffed over time. Bubble wrap sheets can help to prevent this from happening. For example, you may decide to do an office fit-out, and this often requires moving your furniture around several times to get the best configuration. Wrapping around the table corners should completely eliminate the risk of scratching walls and other furniture.

Room Insulation

Offices and buildings are not cost-effective to keep warm throughout the year, and a small business has too many other responsibilities to deal with an exceptionally high energy bill. Bubble wrap actually makes a fantastic insulation material, and it can be used around windows to keep heat in, and its clear plastic will not block out natural light.

Portable Gadgets and Equipment

Office workers can also use bubble wrap bought from a reputable bubble wrap supplier in Australia, Hipac to protect portable gadgets and other equipment. Many workers have to travel with multiple devices on them at all times, from portable printers to projectors. Rather than spending hundreds on overpriced cases and storage boxes, bubble wrap is a functional alternative that will help you stay on budget.

Protect Stored Items

Unless your office is exceptionally large, you will eventually need to utilise storage space to keep old files and other equipment. Delicate items that will be used again can be protected from mould and mildew with a healthy layer of bubble wrap. This can keep things balanced if the item requires a regulated temperature, prevent damage from falling objects, and help to fight off mould and mildew.

Stress Relief

It has been scientifically proven that the act of popping bubble wrap is therapeutic, and people have been doing it since its invention. By keeping some in your office to utilise when your environment becomes too stressful, you can help keep yourself on task and increase productivity. Bubble wrap is often far more cost-effective than silly-looking stress balls, and there is something highly satisfying about the small popping sound you receive when you pop bubble wrap. Whatever you use it for, keeping bubble wrap around the office can only make your experience behind the desk easier to handle.

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