8 Reasons why Call Recording Can be Used to Improve Customer Service

8 Reasons why Call Recording Can be Used to Improve Customer Service

1 – Taking Notes

Jotting notes down while talking to a customer on the phone is often difficult. As such, knowing that a call is being recorded helps take off a great deal of pressure, as the call can be replayed and all the essential information documented in the customer file. A call recording service for the purpose of note taking can be a huge relief to your customer service personnel and can come in handy when dealing with troublesome callers. For the customer, it implies that they can get back, and whoever they find on the line will have a record of the details from the previous call, which saves them the hassle of going through it all again.

2 – Resolve Complaints and Disputes

Whenever a customer accuses your company of a broken promise or misleading information by an agent via the phone, it is easy to clear such problems using your recordings. With evidence and facts at hand, you know exactly how an issue unfolded and can, therefore, take informed steps to deal with the situation, whether you opt to yield to the customer demands or soberly explain their mistake.

3 – Comprehension of Customer Behaviour

With hours of recorded calls, it becomes easier for your staff to understand their customers better, to empathise with their pain, and offer them solutions to their problems. These recordings can come in handy in painting different customer personas.

4 – Continuous Development of Personnel Skills

Customer service reputation is one of the deal breakers for a company. Certain brands have made a name for themselves due to exceptional customer service, and this becomes a huge selling point of the business. If you wish to become a top brand, use the customer call records well as they are essential training tools.

5 – Enhanced Quality Control

Supervisors can’t listen to multiple calls at once, and recordings, therefore, become helpful for managers in monitoring standards and executing quality control checks. A supervisor can listen to one on-going call, and then move on to another agent once the first call is completed.

6 – Checking of Facts

It is possible to miss, mishear, or misinterpret crucial information when listening to a customer during a call. Their phone signal may make it difficult to understand their message clearly, or a loud noise in your vicinity could easily make you miss some information. Such interruptions may result in an incomplete call record in the customer file.

7 – Enhance Your Customer Service System

Listening through past recordings of customer calls makes it possible to flag up certain issues with your current procedures and systems. Whenever there is a problem that recurs, such as customers being connected to the wrong person due to an error in the pre-recorded call menu, for instance, then call records can help you notice that and fix it as it all goes down to being proactive.

8 – Keep to the Letter of the Law

Customer calls handled by your team may call for the adherence of certain regulatory standards – for instance, if your business operates within the financial services sector. For such a case, therefore, the law may require that you record and keep customer calls. From the customer’s perspective, knowing that you are fulfilling a legal obligation will give them peace of mind.
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