A degree in Visual Communications can give you Better Career Options

A degree in Visual Communications can give you Better Career Options

Nearly one and all will stop and look at an image flashing while they are online or turn a page in a magazine and look at an advertisement. In today’s society almost everyone and everything is visually driven to get people to support a cause or purchase a product or service. These images and ideas that are displayed in all forms of media come from specialists trained in the field of visual communications. Thus, several accredited colleges and universities are now offering degrees in the visual communications field.Image result for A degree in Visual Communications can give you Better Career Options

Joseph Cianciotto completed his education in BA, GCM/ Visual Communications from Carnegie Mellon University which is a private research university in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He says that the visual communications field is very wide-ranging leaving several degree choices for potential students to select from. An individual no matter what interest or desire they have will find a degree program that suites their goals. The career options range from advertising design to web design. Each specific side of the industry needs dedicated individuals who have learned through training how to integrate visual elements with words to create an appealing image that grasps an individual’s attention.

After completing the degree in Visual Communications, Joseph did not have the time to look back. He joined Publicis post his degree and left the company in the year 2004 as an Associate Creative Director. After this, he joined DDB, United States and served as Creative Director, Director Of Digital, Executive Creative Director and Chief Digital Officer. During his stint, the company has been successful in increasing its revenue and become a reputed name in the industry. Post leaving DDB, he joined Translation LLC, Greater New York City as Executive Creative Director. At present, Joseph resides in Long Island, NY with his wife Jen and daughters Hannah and Sophie.

He says that a degree in Visual Communications allows students to gain practical knowledge as well as principles and concepts that will further their aptitude to do the job. Courses include visual theory, image design, graphic design, computer graphics, photography, visual persuasion, media layout, copy writing, animation, and much more. Upon completion students are able to create visual design components magnificently in their chosen field.

Joe Cianciotto says that now day, most of the business organizations are using visual methods to present the information. It is becoming very prevalent gradually. Visual presentation is beneficial for many reasons such as:

  • It is effective for the illiterate clients as they can easily understand the information presented visually.
  • It helps to provide the complicated information in a simple manner by using pictures, graphs and diagrams.
  • Unlike the oral or written communication, this takes a far lesser time. Thus, helps to prevent wastage of time.
  • Unlike the oral or written communication, the visual communication can help to make a quick decision.
  • It contains chart or a diagram and is devoid of long speech and explanation.

Thus, it can be said that a career in visual communications can give you better career options.

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