A guide to creating engaging content

A guide to creating engaging content

Every Digital Marketer knows the importance of Content Marketing and the part it plays in determining the success of your Marketing strategy. Creating engaging content is a win-win as it attracts the attention of the target audience to offer them information that they did not already have and it also builds brand awareness, creates brand preference and extend the reach of the brand. This article is going to act as a guide for content creators on their quest to creating content that is not only shareable but also warrants engagement by their audience.

Content Diversification

One of the most common ways of creating content that engages an audience is by diversifying your content, you should avoid sticking to just one method of getting your point across. So if you normally create written content you might want to try using infographics and if you normally create infographics you should try using video and so on. This way the content you create is varied and not just more of the same thing.


The titles that you end up choosing is just as important as the content of your blog post, as sad as it sounds most readers are likely to judge your article based on its heading. As a content creator it is up to you to come up with a title that you think would interest they readers that you want reading your content.


Some writers underestimate the importance of having relevant keywords, they either add keywords that do not relate to the content or no keywords at all. The purpose of including keywords into your content is to make sure that your content is reaching the right people, using the right keywords ensures continuity between the blog title and content. If you want to promote a keyword ‘Digital Agency Manchester’ you need to be sure that the content is related to the keyword.



It is not surprise that people would rather learn from looking at something that is visually stimulating rather than any other means of communicating, audiences prefer content that they can scheme through and is easily digestible. If you are creating content but are not able to create visually stimulating content then you can try breaking your content into subheadings. So adding bullet points, subheading and lists make it easier for your readers to read through.


As writers we should never underestimate the importance of influencers, the reason social media works so well is because audiences trust the people within their circle more than they trust companies and corporations. Audiences are more likely to read, digest and engage with information that is presented to them by someone that they trust. Outreaching to influencers within your industry also helps your information reach a wider audience and opens up your brand to a new group of audience.


Any time you create content you should always keep it relevant and current, it is human nature to want to follow trends and keep up to date with the latest news and events. They do this by signing up to get daily news letters, checking news websites and twitter pages, checking celebrity news updates regularly and more. Content creators can use the audiences desire to keep up to date on the latest in news, tech, fashion and more by referencing current events and new updates into their content.


Before creating your content you should have conducted enough research as a point of reference to backup what ever you9 are talking about. These sources should be from major influencers, for example to write this post we have done some research into the subject area and gotten valuable information from Social Media Examiner and industry influencer Mari Smith.


As humans we were built to compete, as content creators we could use this to our advantage by creating challenges where readers to compete against each in for a prize. Content with quizzes or challenges for readers to compete in are shared more than other types of content because readers also want their friends, family and connections to take part in the competition for a chance to win something or for something as simple as bragging rights.

Call To Action

Another aspect of content creation that is gravely overlooked is the ‘Call to Action’, the whole point of writing a blog post is to educate and inform your readers about a service or product that you provide and when you don’t add some sort of call to action the content becomes illogical and reduces your chances of return on leads. For example ‘if you have found this post useful click the Share button!’

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