Agricultural Show Catering

Agricultural Show Catering

The Heathfield and District Agricultural Show Society in East Sussex are holding their event on the 27th May 2017 and it promises to be another excellent show.

You’ll discover the following country show delights:

    • Sheep show.
    • Livestock exhibits.
    • Education area.
    • Women’s Institute marquee.
    • Trade stands.
    • Farmers market.
    • Poultry market.
    • New enterprise zone.
    • Microbrewery show.
    • Thatching.
    • Wheelwright.
    • Wood carving and design.
    • Flower show.
  • Country Ways Arena shows.

If you are a caterer, vendor or exhibitor that has refrigeration/freezer needs, please don’t ignore them and take risks.

5* Country show refrigeration resources

Fridge trailer rental is simple to arrange and as information and client reviews are available online you can have total confidence in the country show refrigeration firm that you choose.

It’s imperative that they deliver their promises and maximise your levels of service and standards of refreshments and snacks.

Remember, several firms might claim online that they offer unsurpassable fridge trailer rental and customer service but not all of them do, that’s why reviews are so helpful.

Choose one of the best suppliers like Icecool Trailers who are based in Newbury and cover London, Berkshire, the Thames Valley, the Home Counties, the Midlands and South Wales.

Enjoy a complete service

Fridge trailer rental companies deliver the trailers to site which means that time and fuel expenses are not incurred by you.

All country show refrigeration trailers have wheels and can be positioned on a showground and powered by generator or if you are situated close to a power source, perhaps in a barn or outbuilding, with mains power.

Should you require freezer trailer hire this utilises the same power sources and is equally able to function on a showground.

Fridge and freezer trailer hire companies set the equipment up and will ensure that you are confident with the facilities, organise the shelves and they won’t leave site until the unit is ready for use.

At the end of the hire period – please remember to factor in preparation and clearing up hours – they’ll return to site, remove the freezer and/or fridge trailer rental unit and you can move on to your next task.

Important information

Freezer trailer hire units are normally 2.4 metres or 3 metres.

Fridge trailer rental unit sizes are also often 2.4 metres or 3 metres.

Trailers are insured but the stock that you place in the trailers won’t be so you’ll need a separate policy.

Country show refrigeration and freezer hire facilities are lockable.

Continual maintenance and adherence to legislation are guaranteed by the best firms and so you won’t contravene health and safety or food safety regulations through an inadequate fridge or freezer.


If you find yourself experiencing an emergency in which your own facilities develop a fault on site many providers have a 24/7 service and can deliver within hours.

They appreciate the urgency and that you are aiming not to lose stock or serve food poisoning to your clients.

Place your country show refrigeration and freezer requirements in safe, experienced hands.

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