Algorithmic Trading vs Human

Algorithmic Trading vs Human

The typical trait of this industry dealing with trading of foreign currencies is the rise and fall in currency values. The values of different foreign currencies fluctuate with every passing hour. And this in turn determines the profit or loss of the traders involved.

If you are new to this industry, or even if you are a seasoned trader by now, you must know the uncertainties and the related emotional outcomes.

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Along with uncertainties come the different reactions of the traders, who are exposed to various emotions just like you and me. In the light of this context, it is valid to question.

Are human’s better traders or robots?

While it is natural of human beings to be emotional and get affected by the results in their trade, the same cannot be said about the automated trading systems. These computerized trading systems come with certain sheer advantages.

These are not inflicted by ailments or mood swings and emotions unlike human beings. And these machines can perform trading with greater accuracy for longer times without sleep and rest. The most significant advantage is the fact that these computerized trading applications never make emotional decisions.

How do these machines work?

An automated trading system is built on computer programming languages like MQL4, MQL5, Easy Language, QPile, and many others which are embedded in the software platform. Using these automated platforms as the base, different traders offer different user interfaces. With the help of these user interfaces, the traders can make use of all the features of this robotic software for trading.

These machines are extremely powerful and you can fully strategize your business plans using these. You can assure of these machines to function exactly as per your instructions in the forex trading market. These can trade on a real account just like you would have done.

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