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The Danish way: Carlsberg’s new integrated marketing campaign

Lager brand Carlsberg has launched a new marketing campaign in the UK, which aims to emphasise its Danish heritage and give a much-needed boost to the brand. Image Credit Costing

How businesses can save money on refrigeration

Refrigeration is an expensive part of running a restaurant, but there are lots of ways for restaurant managers to save money. If you run a restaurant and you want to

A guide to creating engaging content

Every Digital Marketer knows the importance of Content Marketing and the part it plays in determining the success of your Marketing strategy. Creating engaging content is a win-win as it

How content marketing and SEO can help your business

Being a business owner there are many responsibilities and duties that you need to perform. One of them is marketing that helps in increasing the sales of business. There are

 Enhance your marketing by surprising your colleagues with thoughtful gifts like sippers or bulk t shirts or beautifully designed company letterhead

Smart marketing needs some good thoughts, can it be with products like sippers or bulk t shirts or just a new company letterhead.When it comes to gifting your colleagues something

4 Marketing Principles You Need To Know

It doesn’t matter what type of company you have, marketing is important if you want to be successful.  Marketing, of course, is the way that you interact and engage with

Is SEO dead?

Remove reviews from Google is hard to do and can cost your business quite a bit of resources. The best course of action is to be on top of all

Understanding How To Read Your Paycheck Stub

Most employees receive a paycheck twice a month, either in paper form or by electronic deposit. Either way, each paycheck should be accompanied by a pay stub. This stub houses

Bankruptcy Doesn’t Have To Be Frightening: The Things You Need To Know

As dreadful as it sounds, bankruptcy is a fate that most small businesses face. From cash shortages to decreasing employee morale, these are just a few of the challenges an

The correct Attitude to start a Blog

Starting a blog has never been a difficult task for anyone. It’s a matter of a free theme and putting it on WordPress. The main part is running it, updating