Benefits of LLC Company

Benefits of LLC Company

Starting a company is not easy at all because there are so many things that have to be consider and one of them is which type of business structure you should opt. There are so many types of business structures that you can start, but out of all other starting an llc company is least complex and is flexible as well. LLC provides you numbers of benefits that will blow off your mind.

LLC stands for Limited Liability Company and is a business structure where partners and owners have limited liability for business assets and liabilities. This company is usually formed by filling a simple and easy document known as article of organization. LLC companies are gaining wide popularity because of their benefits such as flexibility, easy to manage and tax advantages.

Formation of LLC Company

Like any other company, there are lots of things involved in formation of an LLC company. Proper documentation has to be done in order to avoid any type of problem in future. Along with documentation, paper filing has to be also done by the owner. Mentioned below are the steps that are involved to form an llc company:

  • First step is to choose a legal name for the company and get it reserved. All this is done by the secretary of state.
  • Next step is, to draft article of memorandum and article of organization with secretary of state.
  • Third step is the most important step, as in this step the owners need to decide about managers or managing person.
  • In fourth step, the owner will decide numbers of owners and CEO, directors and other important persons.
  • After this, you need to apply for certificates and other necessary incorporation documents specific to company and industry.
  • Sixth step is also very important as in this you need to file form SS-4. This form can also be filed online by visiting revenue service website as it will help in generating employer identification number.
  • Last step is to apply for other necessary identification numbers which are needed by central and state government.

Since, requirements vary from one business type to another so documentation process, form filing etc. also changes. That’s why it is must that you should have proper information which will be beneficial for your business

Advantages of investing in LLC Company

There are unlimited benefits of LLC Company and most importantly it will help in achieving better results and targeted goals. Mentioned below are some of the benefits that owners will enjoy:

  • The members which are basically owners are already protected by some sort of debts and liability for acts of LLC as per the law of protection.
  • In comparison to other form of business structures, LLC Company involves less headache because members need not have to do any type of paperwork.
  • Profits can be disturbed at member’s level with help of tax classification and not at LLC levels.
  • In some state and areas, LLC Company can be established with single person involved as owner or member.
  • No double taxation until and unless an LLC company will be declared as C incorporation.

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