Benefits of rabbit farming

Benefits of rabbit farming

Rabbit farming is a very lucrative business. Below are some of the reasons why you should venture into rabbit farming business, like millions of other farmers from around the world.

Faster multiplication

Rabbits multiply faster and take less time such that you can double your sales within a year. Female does can give you 72 kits per year and the does are ready to mate at 1to 2 days after kindling. Kits are weaned at 4-6 weeks after birth. They are big enough and ready for slaughter at 3 months or 12 weeks. Does are ready for mating 4-6 months after birth depending on the breed and feeding discipline. Bucks are ready to mate at 4-6 months after birth.

Efficient use of water and supply

For a given quantity of feed and water, rabbit will produce six times more meat than a
cow on average.

Rabbit Breeds

A variety of rabbit breeds can be found all over the world. Examples of the breeds include Dark Gray , Dutch breed, New Zealand Black breed, New Zealand Red breed, the Belgium White breed and Chinchilla breed. The choice of breed will depend on the kind of rabbit production you want to venture into.

Ease of Feeding

Rabbits are easy to feed since they do eat a broad variety of feeds, some of which grow as

Land requirement

A farmer can raise 10 rabbits in a space of 5.6m by 2m thus a farmer keeping a breed
such as Flemish Giant can produce about 5 tonnes of meat on quarter of acre within only
4-5 months.


If you maintain the best nutrition, your rabbits will provide you with the best white meat which has less cholesterol than all other white meat. Rabbit meat provides the highest level of protein and Vitamin B12. They have an available market because they provide special diets that require low sodium diets and weight reduction diets. Give your rabbits the wrong diet, this would deplete your rabbits. Also a good diet will increase your rabbits. Does give birth up to seven times a year, kits range between seven and eighteen. A wrong diet may result in low productivity for your buck and does.


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