Small Business Tips: 4 Ways to Show Your Employees You Value Them

Small Business Tips: 4 Ways to Show Your Employees You Value Them

With so much emphasis on technology and chasing the latest business trends, one of the biggest assets that plays a huge role in business growth and success is sometimes overlooked – employees. Consider Fortune’s list of “100 Best Companies to Work For”, in which the revenues of the companies listed increased an average of 22 percent in one year; these businesses performed better for valuing their employees.

According to the Harvard Business Review, happy employees are 31 percent more productive, generate 37 percent more sales and are three times more creative. Unhappy workers, on the other hand, cost their employers more than $300 billion USD each year. In addition, according to the State of American Workplace, a 2013 Gallup study, satisfied employees are 87 percent less likely to change companies.

Obviously, it is easy to say, “thank you” or “good job”. But how can a small business owner go the extra mile and make their employees feel appreciated? Consider the following ideas on how to make your employees feel more valued.

Welcome New Employees

The way your treat your employees begins on day one. Your onboarding process, the process by which you welcome new employees into your small business, should involve presenting them with the tools they need to be successful; you want to make sure they feel like a valued part of the company and its culture.

Be Specific with Praise

As stated before, it is easy to say, “well done” and “thank you”. Try to be more specific when expressing your appreciation. For example, “I really like how you pulled the project back together.” Being specific adds meaning and inspires your employees to further develop their skills in that area.

Build Employee Engagement

Communication really is key. You want your employees to feel like you are available for questions, their efforts are acknowledged and that their creativity is essential. Building this connection is achieved through consistent, meaningful communication. According to Gallup, employees whose managers met and interacted with them felt three times as valued.

Strive to be Flexible

Just like you notice an employee putting extra effort into a task, your employees will appreciate the simple gesture of letting them leave early once in a while. An employee who feels that their employer respects the fragile work-life balance is a happy employee. In return, your employees will be more likely to be flexible in return.

Hire Additional Staff

If your small business is going through a period of explosive growth, you might want to consider adding a few members to the team. Nothing stunts growth and creativity like being short on man power. Your employees can quickly become overwhelmed and their quality of work will likely suffer from being spread too thin. (If you need a quick cash solution to hire additional staff, consider better business funding options from an alternative provider like First American Merchant).

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