BitQuick Review

BitQuick Review

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Have you ever heard about BitQuick? Yes or No! Alright, if you have never heard about in in other BitQuick reviews, then this is your chance to gather some things about it. BitQuick is an amazing service due to the fact that unlike other cryptocurrency accounts where you are expected to set up an account; no one will ask you to set up an account here. This means that if you need to buy or sell your bitcoins, then all you need to do is make a request, deposit an equal amount and receive you finances within a stipulated period of time. This is amazing for those people who may want a one-time transaction. The transaction will start after you show a proof of payment. This means after sending an equal amount as bitcoins you need to seller’s account, you will be expected to show the proof of payment using a receipt.

What are the basics of BitQuick?

Firstly, there is no fee associated with BitQuick as of the time this review was being done. The company begun in 2013 and enables sellers and buyers to transfer cash at any given time. However, it is crucial to be aware of the fact that the buyers are expected to pay 2% as fees for any transaction. This fee rate is so low as compared to that charged by various companies. Besides, there are no other security details which may affect the rates of fees charged at any given point in time.

Reliability of BitQuick

Most of the BitQuick reviews from customer have indicated that it is a good platform to sell and buy bitcoins. This is a good reputation, however, in the recent past, a few of those who had used it before questioned the reason why BitQuick did change its name more than once since its inception. This allegation has no basis because it also provide and escrow service which ensures that funds are transferred by a third part who may not influence anything. It is reliable also because most of the transactions are made through bank transfers hence providing a hard copy of transactions. This is crucial in avoiding disputes from the customers are all times.

BitQuick has a good customer support desk also which has all along ensured that contact information is available to the public. There are a lot of FAQ which have been helpful in ensuring that customers are assured of tips which related to their problems. The hour of operation are also flexible according to the world’s time zones.

Comparison with other platforms

If we compare BitQuick with Coinbase, you will find out that one of the similarity between the two is that they both provide an offline storage. However, as for Coinbase, they deal with bitcoins, Ethereum and Litecoin while BitQuick handles mostly transaction which are associated with bitcoins. On the other hand, Wall of Coins allows for cold storage of personal information and this ensures that the loss of bitcoins is reduced at all times. With Wall of Coins, you can sell or buy a minimum of $5 USD or equivalent of bitcoins without the need to incur any fee costs.  For more information

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