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As another summer comes to a close, it is that point in time when schools begin to think about the upcoming school year in September.

While it seems that the summer holidays go by quicker with each passing year, now is the perfect time to consider the type of maintenance and refurbishment that needs to be done. It is essential to stay ahead of the game in order to save finances and time.

Why The Summer?

The summer holiday is the perfect time to begin maintenance in the school regardless of whether it is structural for decorative. There are no children or teachers in the building and the school is a blank canvas. In fact, it is during this time when school is empty that it becomes quite obvious that the school needs a refresher. One of the reasons you want to begin thinking about the redecoration of your school now is to be able to find the best decorator and have them booked. In addition, it is going to allow you to be much more accurate with your particular requirements.

How to Get Started

The most important element of redecorating a school is the planning aspect. HL Decorating will create a decorative plan while the school is in session allows you to be aware of what challenges need to be overcome. While the school is empty and there is nothing to get in your way it is easy to forget about these aspects. Take the time to make a full inventory of specific areas that will require attention, listen to what the teachers have to say, and watch how the children interact with their surroundings.

Decorative Knowledge

It may seem as though it is an impossible task to bring a decorator in at this stage. A decorator simply does not come in for painting and maintenance, they are offering you all their years of experience and advice. By allowing them to see the space in a working state it allows them to formulate a better plan. This way they can see how the school is used practically on a daily basis. From this point, they are able to make recommendations for your schedule and planning.

Summer Challenges

We need to address the fact that the summer holiday is not like it once was. School administrators have understood how they can better utilize an empty school and make financial gains throughout the summer. Now, it is not uncommon for the school building to be used for daycares, meetings, conferences, and other events. The summer schedule has become quite a bit more hectic and decoration seems to be a more difficult process.

How to Get Around Challenges

Experienced decorators are not going to have an issue with this challenge. In the majority of cases, these external events are not going to use the whole building, meaning a decorator will be able to fully refresh a building with a little bit of clever scheduling and discreet work time. In this way, the decorator is able to work around whatever of vents are happening in the building throughout the summer. In fact, through creative scheduling, it is possible to begin the decor for the end of the term.

Cyclical Demands

In some cases, there is going to be much more than just a simple refresh of the building before the academic year begins. It should come as no surprise to you that school buildings show their age at a much quicker rate due to the daily wear and tear. There are going to be some areas of the building that will require that stanch elite more maintenance. It is important to not try and do everything at one time. This type of maintenance can bring upon unforeseen challenges, so it is best to do it in a staggered nature.

When Is It Too Late?

The good news to this question is that it is never too late! However, the process is typically a lot quicker and smoother if you begin to think about your maintenance and decoration now. If you have not begun, it can still be managed. Having the right school decorator is going to allow the job to be done when you need it done.

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