Business Continuity System: ISO 22301

Business Continuity System: ISO 22301

ISO 22301 is an internationally recognised standard, which helps organisations to recognise and prioritise different threats that it faces nationally, or internationally. The main objective of a well structured business continuity management system is to identify the factors required to reduce the risk of trouble, protect the assets if something happens wrong, and recover from the incidents as soon as possible.

To meet the standard of ISO 22301, an organisation should be well established and follows good practice and procedures. These factors automatically reduce the negative impact of a troublesome event and helps to recovery faster. ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management system is an internationally recognised and meets international standard so if an organisation operates business in several countries in different continents the same ISO 22301 is followed in everywhere.

The requirements of ISO 22301 standards are common in nature and applicable for all kind of business. This is very flexible and works for any kind of business apart from size, structure. This standard has been developed by a group of business continuity experts and they give a detailed framework to follow for any kind of business, when it comes to managing business continuity system.

Business organisation who wants to implement business continuity and disaster recovery system should adopt a recognised management system like ISO 22301 as it is already used by other organisation and companies’ worldwide.

In short, ISO 22301 recognised to have a management system that can protect a company from local trouble, national and international issues when they occur.  This system needs continually improvement and regular monitoring the Business continuity management system and reviewing it when necessary. The main advantage of the system is that it is not only reduce the risk of the disrupted events also helps to recover from such events.


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