How Can B2B’s Increase Sales Productivity?

How Can B2B’s Increase Sales Productivity?

Sales professional are under constant pressure which brings B2Bs to one common demand, a solution to the biggest challenge which is constantly going down sales. Several B2Bs believe that only solution to this is hiring more and more sales professionals. That is something really stupid when you have to overcome a sales challenge in a B2B format.

If you too struggle in increasing your sales productivity then this article is gonna prove relevant to you most. Because i am going to explain 5 techniques which can be used by any B2B company to boost its sales productivity and achieve desired goals.

But before going for those 5 techniques which have promised to explain in this article lets understand what exactly is sales productivity?


Sales Productivity

Sales productivity is a measure of the amount of money that you make from the efforts of each salesperson. High sales productivity means greater sales volume, lower payroll expenses and more effective time management.

Here are 5 effective techniques to drive your sales productivity.

  1. Arrange ongoing sales training – Providing sales training is expensive in both terms money and time. However it pays off as it is one vital part in the long and smooth run. It is also important to provide ongoing training to make your sales team active and up to speed. Training also helps in boosting motivation required to achieve goals and acknowledge team members about latest trends, techniques and updates of sales universe. And if you wish to increase your sales productivity it is important for you keep your sales professionals up to date about latest trends and tips for effective selling. Following up with technology available with insights for website visitor from Whoisvisiting.

  1. Use automation to hit the mark – Most of the sales professional’s time is spent on busy work which do not contributes to prospect handling or closing sales.  Actually, the time spent is consumed by various small tasks like scheduling meetings, emails, making phone calls and updating CRM. These small tasks together demand a big share of a professional’s daily work time. These non-sales activities can act a blockage to your core selling process and downgrade the ability of a salesperson. Therefore, automation tools can be used for such works, these tools are loaded with amazing features to reduce your sales team’s work and save time which can be consumed to deliver some fine outcomes.

  1. Always be measuring – Scaling is one important part of sales productivity, it is actually the base of sales productivity. You cannot develop a process until you cannot calculate its current production, results and progress. Same goes for sales productivity, if you dream to increase your sales productivity it is advisable to be measuring. And this is no hidden secret that B2B companies perform well when they become more data driven. Not just to improve your sales productivity but measuring helps in a company’s overall progress monitoring as well.

  1. Prioritize – Prioritizing gives you an opportunity to work effectively and deliver better outcomes. The success of a sales professional depends on how well he defines and understands his work. Most of the sales people get confused because they work on various projects at a time which leads to downfall in quality of their performance. You should tell them to prioritize their work on the basis of goals and objectives. Keeping most critical tasks at first priority and securing skills and abilities to perform is an effective way to increase the sales productivity.

  1. Get Social – Social selling is the latest trend which persists in the market today. It helps sales professional to relate and engage smartly with customers. Thus, social media can an effective and helpful tool in every stage of sales process. Think how smartly you can drive a customer if you have an insight of his life, preferences, demographics and taste through social media. Social selling is an important way to boost your sales productivity as it helps a sales rep with tons of information required for a smart selling.

It is best to make the most of each day of your life and the same way it is best to make the most of your sales process each day in order to deliver amazing outcomes. And strategy, techniques and technology together enable sales professionals to boost their productivity and performance.

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