How to Capture Leads on Your Website Effectively

How to Capture Leads on Your Website Effectively

A business needs leads as much as most living organisms need oxygen to survive. Keeping with the wise old adage of ‘First impression is the last impression’, how your leads perceive your business goes a long way in determining how successful your business is. These days many businesses have trouble with online lead generation. They often run into a lot of issues both technical and operational. Thankfully, capturing leads online does not have to be so tough.

What can go wrong when you are capturing leads online

When a lead visits your website, you have very little information about them in the beginning. In the absence of this information, it becomes very tough to convert the lead successfully. Sometimes people turn away after seeing a long form asking for their details, whereas sometimes people do not feel like expressing their interest if they find out that the form does not work on their mobile device. Also, sometimes people feel that an organization does not take them seriously when they are presented with a form which looks very similar to what they saw at a competing website.

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All of this results in high drop-out rates. Even if you have a huge amount of traffic coming to your website, it is not being of much use to fulfil your objectives. Traffic costs a lot, and so does paid online advertising, but if your visitors simply don’t feel encouraged to leave their details with you after coming to your website, that money is not well-spent.

How well-designed forms can help solve the problem

Fortunately, there are solutions available which can help you create great lead generation forms which highly increase the chances of converting your lead. These forms tend to keep leads focused by drawing their attention to one question at a time, so that they do not feel overwhelmed but can still give all the information that you require.

What’s more, these forms work with smartphones and tablets as well, so you don’t need to worry about compatibility issues. You will be able to capture leads even if they are on the move. In fact, even if you yourself are on the move, you will get to know about a new lead via an email notification, so that you can get started on the follow-up right away.

Depending on the size of your business, maybe you already have a handful of tools and online services which you use as a part of your workflow. It is likely that the forms which you create will integrate well with these tools, whether be it Slack, Google Sheets, Dropbox or any such similar service.

These forms don’t need to look run-of-the-mill at all. You can customize the forms not only in terms of their content but also in terms of their appearance, right from choice of colors and fonts to images that showcase the uniqueness of your brand.

The best part is you don’t necessarily need to build the form from scratch. There are many customizable templates available for different use cases. Once your form is ready, you can unleash the power of your social media to drive traffic to your form so that you can get started capturing leads quickly.

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