Certified Pre-Owned Car Programs- What To Expect?

Certified Pre-Owned Car Programs- What To Expect?

When it comes to acquiring a new car, it makes sense for you to choose a good quality certified previously-owned automobile than the latest model coming off the manufacturers’ production line. This is because it is a relatively cheaper option when you consider what you have to pay for the initial costs and the insurance premium for such vehicle. You also need give thought to the fact there is already a reduction of approximately 20% in its value because of depreciation. In addition to this, it is a better alternative to what you ending up paying for repairs, maintenance and restoration of a previously-owned car that has not undergone a thorough inspection process.

American Federal Auto is a family-operated corporate enterprise, which specializes in selling high-quality previously-owned vehicles to the public at attractive prices. The proficient mechanics and automobile engineers of this automobile company go the extra mile in inspecting, servicing and reconditioning all the vehicles in their inventory before offering them for sale. For the convenience and satisfaction of their client they carry out a certification process to ensure such automobiles are in good working condition. This is the reason for the establishment’s popularity among people who a looking to acquire a vehicle of their own.

How do auto manufacturers inspect automobile under the certified previously-owned programs?

The automobile professionals of this company say buying a previously-owned vehicle is the next best alternative you can get to acquiring the latest car model in the market. In addition to this, you also get a bumper-to-bumper warranty for the price you pay. This is because all automobiles a car manufacturer offers under the certified previously-owned program must meet stringent standards criteria with regards to their age and working condition. Moreover, all such vehicles must undergo and qualify for a meticulous inspection procedure to make sure these cars are of high-quality. Under this procedure, proficient mechanics and technicians pay attention to the following areas of concern:

Proper and authentic documentation

When a previously-owned vehicle undergoes this certification process, the technicians first conduct a thorough background check. They consult its history reports and maintenance records that the dealer keeps at his/her showroom. This is to ensure that the automobile in question was not involved in any kind of collusion, illegal activity, or incurred damages due to floods.


After the documentation process is over, these technicians will then take the vehicle for a test drive to ascertain the working conditions of various components. These include the suspension, internal combustion system, transmission, steering wheel and brakes. Depending on what kinds of mechanical flaws they find in such an automobile, they can either accept or reject it from this program.


In this inspection process, these automobile technicians also examine and evaluate the working conditions of various components within the car. These include lighting, safety mechanisms, seating, air conditioning apparatus, audio/music system and other essential instrumentation.

The experts of American Federal Auto go on to say that besides the above checks they also ensure there are not cosmetic repairs inside or on the exterior of the vehicle to hid serious flaws. This goes a long way in ensuring your peace of mind when it comes buying such a car.

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