Commercial Real Estate Marketing In 2018

Effective marketing for commercial real estate is all about distinguishing yourself from the competition and standing out in a positive way. 2018, like most years, brings growth and technological change to the commercial real estate market. Below you’ll find our best suggestions for staying ahead of your competitors.

1) Make Your Website Responsive

All industries rely on digital marketing to a greater or lesser extent, but in real estate, your website is positively vital. Google and LoopNet recently partnered to study how much of a role the internet played in how tenants and investors make decisions today. The result? Nearly 80 per cent incorporated internet information into their purchasing and leasing decisions. You must have an effective website in order to publicize your brand, locate prospects, and drive sales. In 2018, you cannot make any assumptions about the device a given visitor will use to access your website. Embrace the principles of responsive design so that your site is informative and attractive regardless of the hardware visitors use to access it.

2) Harness the Power of Video

Videos are incredibly potent marketing tools, but many CRE companies fail to embrace their full potential. A marketing video gives you a new line of communication with your audience. It’s one that encourages greater engagement and obliges visitors to spend more time on your site – always a good thing. Videos also give you the opportunity to show off both your company and the properties you have to offer. Informative and entertaining videos are an excellent way to position yourself separate from – and ahead of – your competitors.

3) Optimise Rigorously

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is extremely important for a commercial real estate website. Good optimization lands you on the top of the heap in capturing “free” search engine traffic. Picking relevant and popular keyword terms and optimizing your site for them will make you highly visible. Online searches are where an increasingly vast number of investors and tenants start their search for commercial properties. Give yourself an edge by ensuring that your company is at the top of the search engine results page.

4) Spend Wisely On Targeted Ad Campaigns

You can use Google AdWords to target your online ads at specific tenants and investors in an incredibly efficient way. The system gives you the ability to target potential clients by their real-world location and their online behaviour. Want to put your ad in front of visitors leaving competitors’ websites? AdWords can make it happen. Study your options carefully and learn how to put your ads in front of the most promising prospects.

5) Present Yourself Professionally

Sometimes what you present to potential clients is not as important as how you present it. You need to push the quality standards of your presentations as high as possible. Don’t be afraid to engage the services of professionals to polish up your image. Good presentations engage better with an audience, tell a more compelling story, and get better results.

6) Invest in Professional Photos

The easiest and most effective way to give a given property a bigger “wow” factor is to enlist the aid of a professional photographer to help enhance property photos online.  Photos are responsible for your property’s first impression. This effect goes far beyond your online presence; good photos can increase the effectiveness of listings, brochures, OMs, presentations, and more.

7) Use Drones for Bigger Impacts

Drone photos and videos have become significantly more accessible to real estate marketing in just the past two years. You can now present your properties from a novel and evocative new perspective for less than you might expect. To make the biggest possible impact, go all in on HD photography and videography.

8) Never Stop Networking

Every industry relies on interpersonal relationships; commercial real estate does to a greater extent than many others. The drive to seek new deals is so overpowering, though, that you may be tempted to neglect your existing clients. Build a rigorous and regular programme of client contact into your schedule. Help them with their problems, share your expertise, and let them use your professional network. Remember to streamline these contacts through social media whenever possible.

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