Customer Service Survey Greatly Helps to Improve Your Business

Customer Service Survey Greatly Helps to Improve Your Business

It is always difficult to answer how greatly customer service is doing. We all know that whenever a customer contacts us for support the value of positive experience cannot be defined. Customer service survey is very important to measure the quality of support and ensure the satisfaction of customer at every point of business.

Designing a survey needs lot of things to consider. To get the best knowledge try to put yourself in customer’s shoes and think what you will expect from the company.  Assessing hold times, product and service knowledge, opening hours, and knowledge about the impression of service agents on customers are the most important things to keep in mind. To carry out this survey it is important to know what is NPS?

NPS is specially designed to collect information form several customers asking a single question and to find rating on a 0-10 scale. The answer to this question gives an understanding about customer service levels. This is also beneficial in understanding the overall image of the company. The other benefits provided by it are –

  • Increase in profitability – High number of satisfied customer’s means there is increase in business from both existing and new clients. Customer service survey is highly responsive and proactive in addressing the problems.
  • Enhanced customer loyalty – Building a core of loyal customers is the foundation of successful business. This survey continuously checks to avoid any service failings that may lead to end of relationship with customers.
  • Immediate real time data – It offers access to real time and steady stream of data that allows you to effectively understand about customer perception.
  • Helps in tracking performance – This survey has a great potential to generate a series of snapshots related to customer satisfaction. This is the best way to ensure that the service standards do not slip to lower levels even in the busy time of year.
  • Project future growth – It gives an insight into customer intention about continuing relationship with your brand or not. This will help the business in proactively changing the service areas according to the need of customer perception or demand.
  • Helps in refining the strategy –It is great to change the strategies at the instant you know that something is not working on the right track. This helps to build a more flexible organization and this flexibility can be used to gain a competitive lead in this world.


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