Different types of Monero Wallet

Different types of Monero Wallet

A monero wallet is a combination which contains your monero coins. It is therefore so tricky of one to access your purse either online or in air-gapped in your Pc. It is because the monero wallet has private keys that makes it inaccessible to anyone except the owner. It makes it secure from hackers and scammers

There are two types of the portfolio where one makes research on the advantages and disadvantages of choosing the best that will cater to your needs

Hot wallet

It is a wallet that you need to get access to when you are online. It means without any internet connection; it is not suitable.  It’s easy for one to spend from the wallet, you can check your balance, and also you can verify any incoming transaction as compared to any other kind of portfolio makes it more user-friendly.  Using this wallet, you can quickly create many purchases and you can manage them in a faster mode. Despite the advantages, it also has some shortcoming such as it is connectivity to the internet can make it have some attacks, and you can lose your funds, one can also face problems in relation to viruses and malware on your computer. It is mainly used for small day to day transaction

There are several types of a hot wallet such as:

  • Local hot wallet

It is a wallet that is of use locally. It is simple, and you can quickly secure your funds by using a remote node as a way of security

  • Web hot wallet

Due to the digital programs, there is a web wallet such as mymereno.com. It has been suitable and secure for people how would like using it. It uses URLs which you correctly type, and you can quickly get access at your wallet. However, incorrect typing of the URLs led to attacks in your purse that can lead to great losses as they interface with your privacy

  • Exchange hot wallet

This kind of portfolio is always in usage as you transfer your funds to a more secure wallet. This kind of purse manages to have some internet exposure that ensures the data is entirely safe before the transfer

  • View only wallet

The uniqueness of this kind of wallet is significant in many ways. First, it needs a private view key that enables one to see all the incoming transaction to your portfolio, but you cannot withdraw or spend the monero. Secondary, it requires connection to the local hot wallet, this makes it more secure in the keeping of funds for a long-term basis

Cold wallet

It is a kind of purse where one is eligible to keep you monero offline. It is mainly convincible when you are holding money for a long time basis.


  • It is much secure as it is not attachable by online users


  • It is less convenient and complication -When you have to access your wallet you import the private keys, the last transactions and also you have to create a view wallet to see the incoming transaction
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