Do you struggle to get Botox patients?

Do you struggle to get Botox patients?

Going through a Botox course and coming out of the other side with your qualification is not always a guarantee of success like it used to be in the old days. When the Botox community was incredibly small, there were only going to be a few people who you could go to in order to receive treatment, and so no one had to worry that much about advertising and marketing. The patients would just come to you! Nowadays, on the other hand, now that Botox courses have become so prevalent and easy to access, there are more people than ever who are qualified in giving Botox, and this means that it is getting harder and harder for qualified individuals to get their own businesses off the ground. So how can you make sure that the struggle to get Botox patients doesn’t affect you?Image result for Do you struggle to get Botox patients?

Well, for a start, you need to consider all of the things that may prevent a new prospective patient from coming to you. Do you have a website and a social media presence? Without one, any person who is using the internet in order to do their research on the best people to receive Botox from are not going to see your name on any lists. Without social media presence, you are not going to reach people organically, and no one who experiences your excellent care will be able to share your details to their friends and family to recommend you. What about your physical location – do you have a prominent sign so that anyone walking past or driving along the road can see it? Without the natural traffic that passes you, it will be a struggle to gain a big enough patient list to stay afloat, and if you’re not in a good area where people are walking past, then you should consider moving.

Now you need to think about how to gain people’s trust when they walk into your consultation room for an appointment. Are you warm, friendly, and inviting? Are your staff? You are only going to be as good as your weakest member, so if the receptionist who makes appointments is gruff and impolite, people are going to be put off coming to any appointment that they make! What about the interior décor of your waiting room – is it warm and inviting, or does it remind you a little bit too much of a hospital? Although you want to give people the impression that you are professional and fully medically trained, you do not want to give them the impression that they are in a waiting room for an illness.

So, you’ve got them through the door, past the waiting room, and into a consultation room. What is your manner like, and are you finding it easy to build a rapport with people? Are you clear about the Botox certification and qualification that you have gained through a registered and respected Botox course, and are you clear about your experience with similar patients? Most importantly, are you listening to the patient, really listening to what it is that they want, their fears and concerns about what may go wrong, and what their financial situation is with regards to payment? The best medical person is always the best listener in the room, so make sure that you are listening properly and asking follow up questions that demonstrate to the patient that you are genuinely taking in everything that they say.

The best marketing is word of mouth, so if you can be sure that you are doing all of these things correctly, then you should start seeing the results.


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