Does Your Automotive Brand Require A Helping Hand?

Does Your Automotive Brand Require A Helping Hand?

Our globalised world is a competitive place for large business, especially in the manufacturing and engineering sectors, which have seen some of the biggest changes. As our own car manufacturing sector has faced the stiff challenges of competing with cheaper overseas imports, it has had to turn to new and exciting third parties that offer an edge in this most brutally competitive of markets.

Don’t Lose Sales

As with any brand, the drive for any automotive manufacturer is to enhance their own brand in the eyes of their customers. A big part of doing this is offering superior sales and service, but the problem is that there are a wide range of non-genuine aftermarket suppliers that offer cheap parts, but without the quality. This is a difficult challenge for the automotive industry because the end-user will usually choose cheap parts over more expensive, genuine parts.

One of the best solutions to this problem is turning to third party automotive consultancies who understand and specialise in the industry. In many ways, these consultancies offer a vital conduit between the manufacturer and consumer, creating a link between the two that can drive more sales. Click here for more details on automotive consultancy.

How an Automotive Consultancy Can Help Your Brand

The central issue for many automotive manufacturers is that their size can often become an encumbrance when it comes to understanding their customers, their nominated repair network, and their retail chain. All businesses like to build brand awareness, but a huge part of this is maintaining a quality presence in the market that attracts consumers. When automotive manufacturers lose control of these important links and chains, third parties can step in and take sales.

A specialised automotive consultancy offers the following benefits:

  • Experience: Vast experience and understanding of the automotive industry and customers means that they can forge close links with suppliers, retailers, aftermarket parts, nominated repairers, customers, and manufacturers.
  • Communication: When a manufacturer becomes very big, it can often lose touch with customers and many parts of its retail, supply, and parts chain. An automotive consultancy will provide transparent communication between all involved parties and facilitate standards, marketing programs, and operational change.
  • Parts: Genuine aftermarket parts sales represents one of the biggest moneymakers for automotive manufacturers, but customers will often seek out non-genuine options because they are cheaper and perhaps more accessible. An automotive consultancy can deliver customised aftermarket parts sales programs that are unique to each manufacturer, work in line with their perceived brand, and encourage more sales.
  • Marketing and metrics: Accurate metrics are the key to a successful marketing program. An automotive consultancy can provide accurate data and metrics on sales performance and customer reactions. This data forms the basis of unique marketing programs that are tailored to each manufacturer.

Enhancing Your Automotive Brand

Using a seamless blend of software, accurate data, transparent communication, and experience, an automotive consultancy can deliver improved performance across a wide range of key performance indicators and facilitate brand awareness and measurably improved performance within the supply, retail, and aftermarket parts chains.


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