Coupons: The Story of a Partnership with Major League Hacking Coupons: The Story of a Partnership with Major League Hacking

Major League Hacking (also known as MLH) is a company that organizes student hackathons. For the past few years, hackers at MLH events have been receiving services such as free web hosting, and discount coupons for Using these offers the students are able to register domain free of charge or get better offers on hosting packages. At every MLH event, a student who comes up with the most innovative domain name will receive a bag filled with hacking gear.

What is MLH?

The original idea behind MLH was to provide support for university hackathons in North America. They’ve since expanded to include other countries; as of right now, they’re hosting 200 weekend-long events around the world on an annual basis. The main goal of these events is to help over 65,000 students learn computer skills by growing their communities and constantly inspiring innovation. As for MLH itself, it’s most easily described as a maker community consisting mostly of up-and-coming entrepreneurs and technology leaders.

Where does the word Hackathon come from?

The word “Hackathon” comes from the words “Hack” and “Marathon.” In this case, the word “hack” refers to exploratory programming, and not computing crime. A hackathon also goes by the names of hackfest, codefest or simply hack day. These are events based around computer programmers and other software development experts working together on a single software or hardware project. A lot of codefests support charities or other good causes in the community.

What is the purpose of Hackathon events?

Most hackathons last between a day and a week. They usually have a social or educational focus; in addition to that, many hackathons revolve around the idea of making a piece of usable software. The focus of every event will usually be very specific. Possible themes range from programming languages and operating systems to APIs, applications and programmer demographics. Of course, not all hackathons need to adhere to these guidelines. In a lot of these events, there are no real restrictions to software development.

What are the opportunities presented in Hackathons?

Hackathons have been slowly gaining in popularity throughout the mid to late 2000s. It didn’t take long for venture capitalists and similar companies to recognize the potential hackathons have for developing new software and technologies in a speedy manner. For many of these companies, hackathons represented a great opportunity to discover new funding projects. In time, hackathons led to the formation of some major companies. Coupons: Sponsoring Hackathons

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