Etiquette Rules For Housewarming Gifts

Etiquette Rules For Housewarming Gifts

Whenever you move to a new place of residence, no matter how many times you have done it before, the experience is always a thrill. Working to put your personal touch on a space is something in which you are sure to take great pride, particularly when family and friends come to see. Should you decide to invite a group to tour your new home, there is nothing quite like a housewarming party to bring a sense of fun and a welcoming spirit. There are rules of etiquette to assist you in navigating the topic of gifts, and this is true whether you happen to be the new homeowner or the gift-giver.

Invitations and Gifting

Try to send invitations to any housewarming event no less than 2-3 weeks prior. Keep mentions of gifts or registries off of the invitation unless you have decided to specifically declare that no gifts are desired or expected. An exception to this rule is when a party of this type is being thrown by someone other than the resident of the new home. A third party such as this can feel free to mention any registries that may have been created for the purpose of gifts.

Party invitations may be sent via email or conventional post. They ought to include time, date and address of the event. Make sure directions to the location are clear and include a map if need be.

Etiquette for Guests

Consider bringing a gift. It need not be lavish or costly, but that is an option if you so desire. Place your present discreetly among the others or hand it directly to the recipient. Do not draw unnecessary attention to what you have brought because it may make other guests feel bad.

Simple housewarming gifts are often the best ones. Homemade treats, kitchen gadgets, plants or even some wine are among the items sure to be welcomed. Trophy cups to symbolise the achievement of buying a new property is also a popular gift choice. Gift cards to stores catering to home improvement mavens or avid home cooks are perfect in these situations. If the party invitation explicitly stated “no gifts,” a lovely card is still appropriate.

Etiquette for Hosts

Lots of people these days create gift registries at home furnishing stores and home improvement retailers. The experts on manners seem to have a split opinion on the propriety of this practice.

The key is to never request or expect gifts. Should a prospective party guest ask if you need something for the home or wishes to know your preferred colours, you may provide those details and information about a registry, however.

Avoiding opening gifts during the party itself. Because not all guests are likely to bring gifts, doing so can make for awkward or embarrassed feelings. Even those who did give gifts may prefer not to have them opened in front of everyone. A housewarming party is meant to provide a welcoming atmosphere, not as a means to collect presents.

Once gifts do get opened, make sure to take copious notes about which guest gave which item. Then, write and send detailed thank-you notes that express real gratitude. Make sure all attendees know that you appreciated their willingness to visit your new home.

Great Gift Ideas for Housewarming Parties

Picture frames that are unique or personalized make great housewarming presents. Gift certificates to garden stores, furniture retailers or other similar shops are ideal, as they can help the new homeowner or renter make the space their own. Houseplants and cut flowers are wonderful for brightening up a home that may still lack some key furnishings. Wine and comestibles are invariably appreciated by those needing to stock their new kitchens with tasty food and drink.

When it comes to purchasing housewares or soft furnishings as housewarming gifts, it does pay to take some time to consider the recipient’s personal taste. If the individual in question has a distinctive style, whether in terms of colours or design periods, make sure to respect that and choose accordingly. That way, there is no need for the recipient to hassle with returns.

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