Why folding display boards are your secret weapon

Why folding display boards are your secret weapon

If you’re looking to publish or promote your business, get noticed at conferences or just display important notices, then you need to think about folding display boards.

What are folding display boards?

Think back to when we were at school, and your teacher published your class’s art project. Remember those pin boards along the corridor? Well folding display boards take that simplicity and add functionality, flexibility and funkiness.

No longer just restricted to walls, folding display boards allow for free-standing displays of promotion material, announcements, marketing notices and so much more.

Why are folding display boards so special then?

Folding display boards work so well across so many business sectors because they balance simplicity with flexibility.

Easy to transport

Because they can be folded easily, and are very lightweight, folding display boards are extremely portable.  However, portability doesn’t sacrifice permanence, as folding display boards can also be left in one place as long as you need them.

So they’re ideal either for one day conferences or long-standing displays in a showroom, shop or school.

Durable and flexible

Both sides of the display boards are upholstered with loop nylon that’s hardwearing and capable of being pinned to or fixed with Velcro.  Boards are available in many different colours, and accessories such as spotlights or header panels can be affixed to them.

Frames are made from aluminium or PVC, and are available in different sizes and styles – including a tabletop display unit, ideal for desktops.

Variety of uses

The chances are, you’ve already notice folding display boards in a multitude of locations and uses, but perhaps assumed they were expensive. However, you’re likely to be surprised when you balance the practicality of them with the actual low cost.

Once you’ve purchased a folding display board, you’ll likely find a variety of uses and everyone else in the office will be fighting to use it too! Marketing will want to ‘borrow’ it for their promotion days and visits, whilst HR will no doubt want to pin policies to it, whilst Sales will try to steal it for conferences!

Conclusion: folding display boards are handy, cheap and extremely useful for most businesses

So if you’re looking to make a visual statement, or just want your notices to be seen in the office, folding display boards are the way to go. Low cost to buy, extremely adaptable in their uses, and very customisable. Choose your company colours, or perhaps even a bright colour for emphasis and to catch people’s attention?

The only problem you’re likely to have if you purchase folding display boards is how to stop everyone else using your board. However, as they’re not that expensive consider their value to the workplace, why not buy two – or even add some customisation and choose different sizes/colours for everyone?

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