Opening food business or establishment is not only about meeting new people and the prospect of earning money. The food service establishment can be a mobile restaurant, coffee shop, cafeteria, short order café, luncheonette, grill, sandwich shop, ice cream shop, cocktail lounge, nightclub, industrial feeding establishment, rental hall, catering service, food concession, or otherwise it prepares, stores, serves, and packages to provide food for human consumption.

The exciting part of opening up a food business is you get to serve people which cater to their needs and having fun as the owner while doing the service but to start your food business, you should first acquire food license.

What is food license and why is it important?

A food license is basically a permit and it is a mandatory requirement for all business, establishment, operators that is under food related operations. This ensures the people that having a food license, is that your service complies with the regulations on food and this also entitles that you are remitting the right tax with the government and moreover having a food license ensures the legality of your business. No matter how big the discount you are putting on the food that you serve or promotions to get more customers, still the customers would prefer the food establishment that has a food license. People are mindful these days, they won’t risk their health and the price they have to pay for the food but more importantly it is illegal to operate a food establishment without a food license.

How to register your food business with your local government?

As a businessman or entrepreneur, food license is one way of marketing your business and its products. People become at ease when they are aware that your establishment has a food license. Getting a food license or a permit from your local government requires some papers or documents pertaining to the establishment. The food regulatory agencies are responsible for setting food standards; regulating food business or food business operators, as well as products they produce, conducting inspections to ensure compliance and maintaining a regulatory program for those who do not comply with the provisions of the law.

There are business operators that presume that getting food license is time consuming especially if their motive is to make money. Sometimes this is one reason why they avoid this process. However, the process is not that as cursing as others would presume, because if you are found that you are operating without a food license, there is a penalty under the provisions of law.

By acquiring the necessary permit or food license, the food business should get in touch with your local authority to determine if there is a need to register your food business, but most registration applies to most types of food business including catering and mobile should register because of environmental health service. There are websites within your local authority to check on the requirements and procedures in acquiring in the registration of your food business and importantly food license.

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