The Growing Trend of E-Gifts

The Growing Trend of E-Gifts

Go back 10 years and you will have a friend standing in a gift shop, trying to choose the perfect gift for their friend or a manager who has to pick out something for his employees as Christmas present. Not to mention, hoping that it is indeed something that will be valued and appreciated! The options were limited and the overall task of selecting, buying and packing was too time-consuming. Fast forward to now and it takes hardly any time to pick one for the same friend and same group of employees with more options. What really changed?

We were introduced to online shopping!

Undoubtedly, the biggest and most profitable businesses of today are e-commerce businesses without the need to have a physical presence. It is online shopping that has broadened our choices and revolutionized the way we purchase gifts for others. Online purchasing makes deliveries more prompt without the buyer having to travel to get it and then have it delivered. We call such gifts e-gifts.

What Is E-Gifting?

E-gifting is the act of sending someone a virtual gift via a gift-card online. Many big brands and ecommerce business offer their customers the choice to purchase and e-gift card for someone. E-gifting works the same way gift cards do. The only difference is in their physicality. Unlike gift cards or gift vouchers, e-gift cards are virtual in nature, aka they don’t exist physically. The code of the e-gift card is emailed to the receiver who can then use it to buy something of their choice.

Gobal Gifting

The worlds is getting smaller and smaller due to the internet and the ability to communicate in real-time where ever you are. Families, friends and businesses are able to maintain close relationships despite being on other sides of the world to each other. Similarly the ability to provide a gift, whether it’s for a birthday, reward or marketing purposes is being facilitated by the act of e-gifting. Despite differing currencies, logistic requirements and languages, e-gifts surpass this to maintain that close human relationship, despite distance.

Things to Consider When Purchasing One:

For starters, we have already established that e-gift cards are virtual in nature. To many, it may seem like a benefit or perk as they no longer have to carry it in their purses or wallets or worry about it getting misplaced or stolen, it is also seen as a drawback to many. Since the code is sent via email, chances of scam hacking are also a threat to its popularity. Therefore, whenever purchasing one for someone, ensure to send them the link or code on multiple platforms.

Secondly, all e-gift cards come with an expiry date. Furthermore, they may be many term and conditions printed on one section. Make sure to go through all of them so that you can familiarize the recipient or yourself with any hidden fees that apply.

Lastly, always buy an e-gift card for a recipient who will actually use it. If you are sure that the recipient will use it.  

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