Healthy for your patients, healthy for your business

Healthy for your patients, healthy for your business

When you start to talk about environmentalism, healthcare, social awareness, many businesses turn up their noses and mentally start to think about something else. This is not because the individuals themselves do not care about such things – many of them will be on boards or committees that are actually very passionate about them – but often it just simply does not make business sense. There’s no money in healthier ways to create cars, there is no business benefit to offering your female employees extra time off during their menstrual cycle, and there is certainly no way to improve business by starting to remove asbestos from tenants homes. But sometimes it is just possible to find a way to be kinder to your employees and your clients, and to make a good business decision, and dentists are leading the way in this field.

For a profession that is centered around its patients’ health, dentists have been using highly toxic materials for decades without even so much as a blink. Mercury has been a core ingredient in fillings for over a hundred years and there are many people today who are walking around with a mercury filling in their mouth . . . despite the fact that it has been known as a fact for many years now that mercury poisoning will cause blindness, deafness, madness, and eventual death. Or take x-rays, a method of seeing inside a patient’s jawline and teeth so that a dentist can check to see whether there is any bacteria or decay – a test that exposes them to unnecessary radiation now that we have developed new and better testing methods.

These facts do not seem to have stopped many dentists, but there is a new breed who are making the brave decisions to become a non toxic dental practitioner. They refuse to use mercury in the fillings that they give, and they only use x-rays if there is absolutely no other option available to them. They do not use chemicals that are forbidden in other countries because of their adverse effects on the body, and they make conscious decisions to be non toxic dentists for their patients. This decision may appear to be counter intuitive: won’t the replacement materials and treatments cost even more than the originals, driving prices up and therefore driving patients away?

The answer to that, surprisingly, is no. Patients want to feel safe and cared for, and explaining to them that becoming a non toxic dentist will increase their health standards and prevent them from being exposed to horrible toxic chemicals is only going to increase their trust in that non toxic dentist, and increase their loyalty in the years to come. They areoing to be the patients who recommend their non toxic dentist to their friends, take their children to them rather than any other dentist, and who will search out for a new non toxic dentist if they have to move. You cannot often put a price on the loyalty of a patient or client, but for many of the non toxic dentists up and down the country, they can see a very real change and increase in their profit margin after making what felt at first like a difficult change.

The experiences of many other dentists who have decided to make this change in their dental practice have just gone to show that sometimes, making a decision that benefits your patients actually benefits you just as much in the long run. Perhaps other businesses should start to look at the non toxic dental community and start to learn a few things.

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