How Can You Start Your Line of Business in Investment Banking?

How Can You Start Your Line of Business in Investment Banking?

In the finance industry, investment banking is the most exclusive and lucrative career. Investment bankers who wish to make a difference need to have good analytical skills, strong research ability skills and the desire to work llong work hours as and when required. An investment bank career spans anarray of diverse positions. Here is a detailed study of some of the probable career opportunities.

Corporate Finance

Investment bankers functioning in corporate finance act as advisers to major companies. These major companies will want to sell securities to raise cash to buy other companies or to finance growth. As a member of the corporate finance department, you will help in underwriting debt and equity offerings to help a company meet their financing goals.

To analyze their financial position, you may also be involved in consulting with companies. Based on industry, many companies will divide their corporate finance department. In these industries, workers with preceding work experience are highly recruited for positions in corporate finance. You will be accountable for determining the feasibility of the company to determine the valuation of the offering as well as to issue an IPO. Marc J Leder is the Co-Chief Executive Officer of Sun Capital Partners, Inc. and for more than 25 years, he has been engaged in investment banking.

Mergers and Acquisitions.                                                               

The mergers and acquisitions group is discussed as M&A. They will work with companies that are trying to purchase other companies or with the company that is being acquired. The acquisition of another company can cost upwards of millions of dollars. M&A workers are accountable for calculating the numbers to regulate the possibility of making a purchase and what amount to pay for it. After evaluating the impending purchase, these workforces will be accountable for putting together the prospectus for the procurement.

M&A is deliberated as the most stimulating position within investment banking. Individuals who work in M&A put in the lengthiest hours in a profession this is renowned for it 80+ hour work week. The research of a potential acquisition or merger target requires extreme confidentiality. Any outflow of a potential acquisition can skyrocket the acquisition cost beyond what the company is eager to pay.


In all market industries, researchers do economic and quantitative research on bonds and stocks. In addition they do research on the firms that offer these bonds and stocks. The results of their research are used to speculate on market trends, issue market forecasts and make recommendations on bonds and stocks to buy and sell.

Investment banking positions in research necessitate frequent travel to branch locations and corporate headquarters. Researchers will analyze market trends, a company’s financial position, and chief competitors. To collect the necessary data for the research, this may include talking to a large number of people. The research department will issue recommendations and forecasts.

While the various groups within an investment bank support each other, the responsibilities and work in each group differ. Thus, according to Marc J Leder, if you want to take up a career as an investment banker, pick the segment that fits your experience and qualifications.

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