How MPO/MTP products help save on installation cost of higher speed networks

How MPO/MTP products help save on installation cost of higher speed networks

Data centers are seeing phenomenal change in the way of their configuration owing to the high demands arising from the content delivery requirements across the globe. Video downloader, image managers and an array of other multi-utility products aimed at providing real time update need the backend support to deliver the custom experience to the end user. This is why; 10G has become the thing of receding past and 40G/100G technologies are being talked about with added exuberance in all spheres of life. Introduction of MPO/MTP solution into the system has proved to be a kickass solution for retaining the utility of existing infrastructure while migrating to speedier technology. So, let’s understand how various MPO/MTP products are changing the face of modern fiber optics.

Use of MPO/MTP connector in 10G to 40G migration

If we take a close look to the existing installations, minus the MPO/MTP connector, we will find that for migration to 40G network, an MPO adapter replaces the LC to MPO cassette and MPO patch cords replace LC-LC patch cords. This process involves use of three patch cords – Method B/F to M, Method A/F to M, and Method A/M to M. An MPO/MTP connector eliminates the need of using three patch cords and completes the migration with one type of patch cord. This definitely gives way to the possibility of easier installation and appreciable reduction in hardware cost.


MTP/MPO Cable – the right cable for speedier installation

MTP/MPO Cable is used to achieve high density ports in data center networks. These cables are available in fan out cable style, single mode and multimode standard MPO patch cable style and MTP/MPO fiber optic jumper cable, all of which are capable of delivering highly dense ports by replacing 8-fiber, 12-fiber and 24-fiber cable solutions with single MPO/MTP cabling solution. The use of right type of cable is essential for delivering the networks surpassing quality and power utilization standards. Since a number of cables and patch cords are replaced with single cable, the insertion loss and return loss if reduced considerably enabling the specialist to achieve the desired signal strength without creating a mess of cables around, something absolutely contrary to what the conventional idea of migration used to be.

Fan-out or harness MPO/MTP Cable

Whether you have FC, SC or LC connector interface carrying cables, you can simply link all of these with Cozlink fan-out MPO/MTP Cable that reduces all the installation related planning to merely the selection of cable length. MTP/MPO cable of fan-out type can have MTP end as male or female and the other end can be any one of the LC, LC/APC, APC-LC, APC-LC/APC that actually are used to upgrade or expand the single mode fiber networks. The APC connector will be replaced by PC or UPC in case of multimode fiber optic solutions.

The fan-out or harness MPO/MTP cable is bringing clarity to the whole high speed network arrangement. Right from delivering a cleaner or mess-free infrastructure to ordering, inventory management and stocking process, the Cozlink MTP harness cable is making the networking a confusion-free process.

This is how MPO/MTP fiber cable of harness type can simplify the migration process

As explained in the diagram above, an MTP trunk cable of permanent structured type is used to create connection between the fields at either ends. A short MTP/MPO fiber optic cable or LC cable is then used to patch the QSFP+ field at the port. The MTP patch-panel field created enables connecting of device to the port of an industry approved switch. This is a typical arrangement in a 10G network. While migrating to 40G, only thing that changes is the harness assembly, thus, allowing the user to retain a major portion of existing cabling infrastructure.

This is the 10G arrangement:


And, this is the 40G Arrangement:


Selecting the best cabling solution for achieving 40G connectivity

The network managers are given the task of finding the best cabling solution to migrate to 40G networks while minimizing the piling on of unused cables. MPO/MTP cabling solution comprising of a conversion patch-panel module offers the most cost-effective solution for doing so. Barring the conversion module cost, this cabling style helps utilize 100% fiber utilization in the plant. With two 12-fiber MPO/MTP connectors, the user can achieve three 8-fiber strands causing appreciably higher shift in bandwidth as well as port density. This method of conversion is more cost-effective when the short range connectivity is desired.


MTO/MTP products are giving the required impetus to the fiber optics industry. These products are reducing the cost, promoting the better data transfer speeds and also, providing plug-and-play solutions that are integral part of the smart networking. The retention of permanent MTP based trunk cables and a few minor changes in the form of patch-panel channels not only bring the cost-effectiveness into the process, but also promote transparency in the overall migration process. The industry approved switching solutions work best with the low-power consuming 40Gbps optics and are bringing unprecedented enhancement in the whole deployment model.

Because of the flexibility of interface and better ability of delivering high speed performance in inter-rack, intra-rack and intra-premise networks, the data center networks are now defined by the MTP/MPO products and cabling solutions. Right from cables and pigtails to cassettes and adapters, MTP products have added Midas touch to the whole networking infrastructure. It won’t be an understatement if we call MTP the present face of fiber optics technology.


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