How To Build A Sales Funnel

by Clare Louise | April 5, 2019 7:17 am

So you’re planning to build a killer sales funnel[1]! Perhaps, you aren’t getting the desired number of customers. Maybe, you intend to boost your sales significantly through a conversion optimized funnel. No matter the reason, building the right funnel requires time and patience. Also, you ought to draft your funnel in the direction of getting results without being too intrusive. So how to build a sales funnel? Most importantly, what is a sales funnel? To get answers to all these questions, read below.

Sales funnel in a nutshell

Sales funnel – also called sales process or revenue funnel – leads potential customers through their buying journey. The process begins by arousing interest in your product and ends up when the buyer makes a purchase. A well-designed funnel helps any business to convert leads into sales.

Steps involved in building a sales funnel

Know your audience

A lot of marketers build their sales funnel, but very few of them are able to make the most out of their funnel. So what could be the reason behind the success of these few marketers? The plain answer is they know their target audience and gear their funnel process accordingly.

So try to know your audience before building your funnel. Base your research on various points from the perspective of your targets. For example, you may want to know what problems your audiences are seeking solutions for. Aside from this, figure out what social media channels they use and things that interest and encourage them most.

Create your buyer personas

You can create different buying personas targeting your campaigns for the various segments of your customers. It’s possible to derive different, accurate buyer personas through research and surveys. You should find out why your targets will buy your product.

Try to find ways that influence the purchase decisions of your potential customers. Also, figure out how they’ll use your product after buying it. All these questions will let you build perfectly targeted personas, increasing the probability of higher conversions.

Plan a strategy for traffic and lead generation

People ought to learn about your products/services in order to buy them. If your targets aren’t aware of your products, there will be no sale. So you need to make your targets aware of your products/services. For that, you should adopt various strategies to steer users to your site.

The most obvious way to generate traffic is organic search results. Make sure you optimize your website with relevant keywords and apply the latest search algorithms to rank your site higher in search engine results. Pay per click (PPC) campaigns are another handy option to steer visitors to your site. Although a bit costly, PPC campaigns can get you quick traffic within a matter of minutes. Guest posting, influencer marketing, and social media marketing are other popular ways to drive traffic to your website.

Develop a strategy to engage your targeted audience

Once you’ve the attention of the audience, you need to engage them. The aim is to inform them how your products/services can benefit them so that they show an interest in your item. So how do you inform and engage your audience?

You can achieve these goals by creating engaging, high-quality blogs that speak about your products in a friendly, yet professional manner. Promoting your content via social media platforms is another strategy to engage your audience. You can also use email marketing campaigns to promote your recent blog posts to evoke the interest of customers in your products. Posting videos on popular video channels such as YouTube is another strategy to educate and engage your audience.

Convert your leads

Once a lead has generated enough interest in your product/service, they need to make the final step of buying your item. When potential customers are on your site, be sure that completing a purchase doesn’t take too long. If you fail to do so, your targets will get annoyed and move away.

Minimize the number of fields on the purchase form. Also, reduce the number of steps involved in completing a purchase. Above all, provide your customers one-click sign-in and sign-up options. All these things will make the purchase process a breeze and increase the chances of future sales as well.

Bottom line

Sales funnels are the lifeline of modern businesses. A well-built funnel can convert leads into sales quickly, yielding huge profits. However, drafting the right funnel is paramount to making the most out of this innovative business strategy. Just follow the above steps on how to build a sales funnel properly. With the right info by your side, building a killer sales funnel becomes easy and effortless.

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