How to Defend Yourself against White Collar Crime Charges

How to Defend Yourself against White Collar Crime Charges

Both individuals and businesses can face white collar crime charges. If proved, the individuals may suffer heavy financial penalty, imprisonment or both. If the charge is labelled against a business organization, it will not be put behind the bars but there are other severe consequences in case, the allegation is proved. The business owner is likely to pay a fine and even the license may be revoked. Moreover, negative publicity adversely affects reputation of a business and as a result, the owner may lose clients. The person may even be barred from running business in particular areas.

Is it possible to put up a strong fight against the white collar crime charges? The write-up provides you with necessary guidelines.


Any individual may face white collar crime in regards to his/her employment or other matters. The charge can be labelled against an individual if the person willingly violates a law or commits any of the following frauds:

  • Tax Fraud
  • Bank Fraud
  • Wire or Mail Fraud
  • Health Care Fraud
  • Securities Fraud
  • Other Government or Corporate Fraud


A business is run by its owner or management committee. However, the employees are the true driving force of any business. Sometimes, criminal investigations lead to individual case filing against the owner, officers, directors or employees if any of them is held responsible for actions in regards to violation of law.

Roles & Responsibility of a Criminal Defence Attorney

If the law offices of Tad Nelson & Associates represent your business, the firm is committed towards defending your interests. Usually the mid-sized and big business houses have their own defence lawyer to take care of the legal affairs. In such cases, the lawyers are fully obliged to fight against the white collar crime charges on behalf of the owner or the company’s Board of Directors.

During the course of investigation of the allegation, the defence attorney is likely to be contacted to interview the workers and other individuals in connection with the business. However, these people are not in luck of individual representation and therefore, lack a privileged client-lawyer relationship. The lawyer, who is representing your business, has an obligation to ensure a good outcome of the investigation results.

When to Contact a Lawyer

As soon as an allegation is brought against your business or an investigation is already underway to look into fraud or other financial crimes, contacting a criminal defence lawyer makes some sense. You need to ensure that a learned professional is there to represent your case. Never make the mistake of representing yourself or giving a statement without consulting a lawyer, as any such step will only invite more troubles.

Being alleged with white collar crimes feels stressful for anyone. An experienced lawyer offers valuable advice and assistance to represent your business throughout the case. The criminal attorney is the best and most trustworthy person to defend your case and convince the authority to drop the charge.

Being armed with detailed facts and backgrounds from the client, the lawyer will be able to secure the best possible result that will see dismissal or reduction of the charge.

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