How to Form a Company in Switzerland

How to Form a Company in Switzerland

Switzerland has always been a popular country in which to register a company, and despite the complex system, it does offer a business many advantages. Fortunately, there are specialist companies that handle all aspects of company registration, and with so many benefits, it is easy to understand why so many businesses decide to register in this wealthy country.

The First Stage

If you are considering Swiss company formation, you will need to have an initial consultation with a company that handles this type of operation. They would require a lot of information about your business and then would be able to recommend the right Canton (district) to register the company. This initial consultation will enable them to make the right recommendations, which will be most beneficial to your business.

Company Registration

Once an agreement has been reached, they would prepare all the legal documents, which you would sign. They would also facilitate the opening of bank accounts and also the transfer of necessary funds. Then you would have to attend a Notary Meeting, which is when the company would be officially registered, and the process takes about 2 weeks, after which, your new company can begin trading.

Post Registration

There are several things that need to be done once the company has been registered, including a set of accounts, as every Swiss registered business is required to keep accounting records within the country. Swiss company formation also involves setting up letterhead templates and also arranging for online banking, something every business demands today.

Extra Services

You might require accountants or office staff and the registering company would be able to supply any personnel you might require. Many company owners do not actually reside at their registered offices, and with virtual office services, you can keep your finger on the pulse, wherever you are in the world. The ongoing administration services allow a company to recruit local people to represent them and by discussing your needs with the third party company, they can ensure your administration is efficient.

Comprehensive Support

Many companies that are registered in Switzerland would use administration services provided by the company that arranged the formation, and this is both convenient and affordable, as it costs much less than directly employing people. All of your needs can be catered for, and with specialist advice, you will always make the right business moves. This service is essential, even after the company registration is complete, and they can supply a qualified accountant who will keep your books up to date. They also offer full receptionist and telephone answering services, along with message forwarding should you require it.

The process of setting up a holding company in Switzerland can be a little off putting, but if you use a reliable third party, the process is typically very smooth, and within a few weeks, your business can begin to benefit from low tax rates and other concessions.

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