How to Hire Correctlyat The First Time of Asking

When you are looking to fill a position in your dental office, it is vitally important to hire the correct candidate at the first time of asking. The dental jobs recruitment procedure can often be costly in terms of time and money, so repeating the process again when the hired employee doesn’t turn out to be suitable can be a real drain for you as a dental office.So, what techniques and rules of thumb should you use to ensure you are hiring the right candidate?


Background & ReferenceChecks

When you find a candidate that you believe matches exactly what you are looking for, it can be tempting to just go and ahead and skip the admin work in order for the candidate to get started as soon as possible. We’d highly recommend that you stick to the procedure and ensure you complete and verify full background checks and reference checks on the candidate. The dental office will be investing a lot in this individual, both in terms of finance in paying the employees’ wages, and time, with regards to training the employee up to the required

Dental Office Fit

You may be wondering “what dental office fit” means? This term basically denotes how closely the candidate fits into the existing ways of working in the dental office. It can be all too easy to just look at the candidate’s credentials on paper without examining how the prospective employee will behave when working with other employees within the dental office. If you hire a member of staff that doesn’t get on with the rest of the team, they could cause friction and reduce morale, which will of course have an adverse effect on the productivity and the success of the dental office.

Adhering to the Dental Office Culture

The culture of your dental office is what is known as the behavioural norms and values of your workplace. The culture can be of course productive, or it could be considered less than advantageous to the success of your dental office. To maintain or improve the culture within your workplace, it is essential that your existing and newly acquired employees share the values and goals of the dental office, in order for the business to succeed. You can gauge a candidate’s mindset by enquiring how much they know about your practice, and what drives them. If you get a feeling that they would be using the position as a stepping stone for going on and applying for another job elsewhere, then it’s probably best for you to look towards another candidate.

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