How to Make the Most out of Your Virtual Office and Network like a Pro

How to Make the Most out of Your Virtual Office and Network like a Pro

If you move your business to a new country or open up a branch in an unfamiliar market, the lack of connections is likely to feel strange at first. For an experienced entrepreneur, with lots of strong relationships back home, it can be a little jarring. Fortunately, there are some great ways to meet new contacts and forge valuable links.

One of the best is virtual office solutions. There are several providers across Southeast Asia, with some of the best located in Kuala Lumpur and the neighbouring countries. For instance, Servcorp virtual offices can found at the most prestigious corporate addresses. Tenants are encouraged to access fully equipped workspaces on a pay as you go basis.

Keep reading to find out why these flexible, collaborative facilities are a wonderful way to network wherever you are in the world.

A Collaborative Environment

Virtual offices provide all of the same resources as a conventional workspace, with the difference being that they are shared. The tools and resources are arranged in an open plan design so that multiple tenants can access the building and work within it.

It can be daunting for entrepreneurs who have never experienced co-working before, but there is no better way to network overseas. In Malaysia, where business connections are closely connected with family ties, they provide a much-needed opportunity to meet fellow executives.

Perfect for People Watching

As all kinds of tenants are sharing the same space, a virtual office is a helpful way to pick up etiquette pointers in a new country. You can watch how locals interact and avoid social faux pas the next time that you strike up a conversation or meet a client.

Malaysians are quite reserved people, so you will never see them showing too much emotion in public. Even when they are having a bad day, they try to present a positive and optimistic demeanour. It is something that visitors are encouraged to replicate because it fosters a friendly, approachable attitude.

A Chance to Work Together

While there is a need to respect those who clearly want to work alone, virtual workspaces support collaboration and joint enterprise. They want people to come together and create new opportunities, so there is usually a combination of open plan and more private areas.

The best way to start conversations with Malaysian locals is in a casual, indirect fashion. Ask about the weather, how their day is going, whether they could help you with a small task; try not to be too forward too soon. On the other hand, don’t shy away from social exchanges, because you never know when a quick chat will turn into a big opportunity.

Right at the Heart of the Action

With a virtual office in the centre of Kuala Lumpur, you will be right at the centre of the action and in a prime spot for interest from investors. The great thing about virtual facilities is that they give smaller companies a chance to position themselves at the sought after end of the market.

Such prestigious corporate addresses might otherwise be unattainable. However, as the resources are being shared, so too is the cost. It is why virtual providers can offer such great rates. They are flexible as well. Tenants are encouraged to review their agreements whenever it suits and tweak their corporate packages if they need more features.

Why Flexible Office Solutions Make Networking Simple

If you were to expand into a new market and set up shop in a traditional office space, you would not have as many opportunities to connect casually with other executives. Sure, there are networking events and pitch sessions, but the strongest relationships are the ones which grow organically. To make your mark, make yourself visible.

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