How to Use Call Recording as a Tool for Improving Customer Service

How to Use Call Recording as a Tool for Improving Customer Service

VoIP is a service which has various services as standard. However, some providers also offer features such as Call Recording. This extremely useful feature is available to all Voiper Customers costing from just 5 pounds / month.

1 – For Taking Notes

It’s not easy to take notes while you’re speaking to a customer, but if you know that the call is being recorded then you can relax a little, since you know that you can just listen back to the notes at a later date if required. Using call recording to allow you to take notes onc the call is finished frees up your mental capacity, which allows you to deal with more difficult calls. Customers get the convenience of knowing that if they call back later, there will be a full record of what was said, so they won’t have to go back through all of their details again.

2 – Resolving Disputes

Call recordings help you to deal with frustrated or angry customers. If a customer alleges that they were promised something, or that they were misled by an agent, having good records can help to clear up that problem immediately. It arms the company, and the agents, with facts and evidence, so that they can either concede to the customer, or calmly and confidently clear up any misunderstandings.

3 – Analysing Customer Behavior

Having a nice collection of recorded calls can help businesses understand their customers, the common issues they deal with, and any pain points with customer service. These recording can also help to get an idea of the customer personas that are most commonly dealth with.

4 – Improving Staff Skill

Customer service is a vital part of running a successful company. Some brands are known for providing good customer service, and that reputation can spread to help make the company more successful. If you want to be a brand that is known for quality and responsive service, make use of call recording as a training too.

5 – Quality Control

Supervisors can’t listen to several calls at the same time. Recordings help managers monitor more agents, checking in on multiple calls over a longer period, and providing better feedback to the employees, ensuring a high standard of customer service is maintained.

6 – Fact Checking

It’s easy for an agent to mishear or misunderstand things on a call, especially if the office is noisy or if the call quality isn’t good. Being able to replay the call can help to clear up those misinderstandings, and gives the agent a chance to replay things that they may have missed.

7 – Better Service For Your Customers

By having the option of going back through your call history and looking at the customer service offered by each agent, you can identify potential problems and common patterns. For example, an agent may require training in a specific type of call, or it could be that your customers are frequently being put through to the wrong department, and that improving call routing and the pre-recorded call menus could help to reduce the frequency of that happening, and greatly improve customer satisfaction.

8 – Complying with Regulations

Your company may be governed by a number of regulatory standards, and you will need to demonstrate that you are complying with these. Your customers will feel better if you can demonstrate that you are keeping the records required to show that you are making an effort to comply with the standards in your country.

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