Ideas for Rewards That an NGO Campaigner Can Give To Donors

Ideas for Rewards That an NGO Campaigner Can Give To Donors

There are several communication tips and tricks out there to help you, the fundraising india, to pull donors to your cause. But one that most campaigners usually tend to miss, are REWARDS. For the uninitiated, offering rewards is a useful marketing strategy that helps incentivize two sets of people. 1) Your loyal supporters, who will have reason to stay with your cause and provide long term support. 2) It will help convert potential donors into sure-shot donors, because who doesn’t like a little free gift?

So here’s a comprehensive list of rewards you can offer your supporters to grow your online community.

Tax exemptions

Most NGOs and fundraising india platforms offer their donors a chance to avail a tax exemption certificate upto 100% under section 80G, by giving to a verified NGO. Whether they donate to a medical cause, for education, for the environment, or anything else, it is an incentive for them to combine charity with tax saving.

Invites to an event

Especially if there is an offline activity involved, or even a film, music, or any other creative campaign, you can always offer free tickets and invites to events such as a launch, a private screening, a seminar, or an exhibition. An offer that is exclusive, is all the more of an incentive.

Brand merchandize

For startups, social enterprises, and nonprofits, offering free brand merchandize is not only a reward for the donor, but it is also great advertising for the campaigner’s cause. Brand merchandize can be in the form of clothing, stationary, or handicrafts with the campaign or NGO’s logo on it.

Free samples

Campaigners that are raising money to launch a new product in the market, or have come out with a new innovation, free samples and trials are the best way to tell people about your venture, as well as get the marketing benefit out of it. Additionally, if the donors believe in your initiative enough to contribute funds for it, you can be sure to receive valuable feedback from them as well.

A personalised thank you note

When a donor or a volunteer contributes to your cause even in the smallest way, you need to make sure he/she knows how much his/her help is appreciated. A personalized thank you note or a small token of appreciation can never hurt.

A shout-out on social media

Millennials have a slightly different relationship with social good. Nonprofits should encourage an environment that motivates millennials to donate. A great takeaway for the millennial population would be recognition for their philanthropy; something like a clever, funny shoutout on social media. This gives them a great boost and a feel-good factor and many will return to donate because of this token of appreciation.


Many NGOs are associated with celebrities who support their cause. The power of celebrity status should be utilized to its fullest, especially when it is for a good cause. When celebrities with a huge fan following champion a good cause, it spreads the message to millions of those fans. When those fans get converted to donors for your campaign, you can always offer them exclusive meet-and-greet sessions with the celebrity, as a massive reward for their help.

It is extremely important to maintain good relations with your steady network of supporters. Let them know how effective their help has been, and how they’ve made a difference to your campaign. Convey your gratitude and appreciation through simple gestures, for these little acts of kindness can go a long way in empowering a fundraising india and it’s supporters who truly care!

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