Important Facts about Search Engine Optimization In 2017

Important Facts about Search Engine Optimization In 2017

As New Year begins-speculations about the SEO future also starts. This year 2017 is also no exception. Some of the significant SEO trends that will be dominating the whole year is already contemplated according to the improve technology, demands, and industry standards. The best SEO agency looking forward to ensuring the edgy digital marketing services to their eminent clients follow the trends ruling the current market by updating their teams.

Here, are some of the search engine optimization trends that will rule the year 2017—

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) will rise and rule

As mobile users are the priority for Google and other search engines, thus, the rise of accelerated mobile pages or AMP is anticipated. The open-source protocol gives the webmasters the opportunity to create pages ideal for loading on almost all mobile devices. It is the simple structure and the minimal structural changes that help in loading up the websites four-times faster and gives the opportunity to use eight times less data. Already, Google is showing its favor for the sites switched to AMPs since the late 2016 and before. But, this year AMPs are rising and it’s for better user-experience.Image result for Important Facts about Search Engine Optimization In 2017

Dense Content is going to replace the archaic write-ups

It was a time when the brief content such as product description or demonstrations was enough to leverage the online business by improving the site rankings in the search engines. But, in the recent past, it has been witnessed that epic content is replacing the shorter ones. Long and voluminous pieces of content dominated the last few years for attracting more readers. This has happened to be a successful strategy for over the past few years but considering the latest trends and market demands, the search engines are happened to welcome more “dense content”.

Dense content means that the write-ups are expected to be precise yet full of information. Instead of incorporating fluffs, writers have to focus more on putting information so that the readers can get easily what they are looking for in the shortest of time. More bullets and pointers are expected to add the videos, podcasts, and smart images in the content presentation.

Algorithmic Machine Learning

The premier SEO agencies have already adopted tools like Google RankBrain- one of the most widely accepted algorithmic machine learning tools introduced last year. Google is about to introduce more updates in the forthcoming days. Thus, having the machine learning is areas like data interpretation and marketing automation is going to be more effective for the SEO guys.

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