Important Tricks To Save Your DVR From Being Hacked

Important Tricks To Save Your DVR From Being Hacked

A third party might have already locked into your system and has been playing with your data but you wouldn’t know it! This is what we’ve come to. With the increasing number of hacks and cyber-attacks, it is becoming more and more essential to prevent them altogether than looking for damage control methods when attacked.

So here are some tips and tricks to save your DVR from being hacked:

1) Changing the default security settings

The first step to follow post the installation of your DVR is to change the security password and replace it with a strong one. It is very important to understand the benefits of a strong password, not only do they deter a hacker from gaining access to your system but also they alert you if there is extensive breach attempt.

2) Refrain from using port 8000

Port 8000 is easier to scan as compared to their other counterparts making them vulnerable to hacks and more. Thus, if your system used a port 8000 you better replace it.

3) Making use of a good firewall and setting up the MAC filtering

Good firewall not only fends off unnecessary bots but also secures your system from active attacks all over. They prevent hackers from overriding the system instructions thus giving one the required protection. Setting up your firewall to develop a connection and give access to only selected and trusted MAC addresses is by far the best practice to save your DVR from being hacked.

4) Keeping the firmware updated

It is essential that the system you work with is in top-notch condition thereby giving you the upper hand. Upgrading your DVR to the latest firmware gives one added protection that the previous obsolete system might be lacking.

5) Taking cyber security seriously

It is one thing to talk about cybersecurity and another to take it seriously, and when we say seriously it means that making sure that from points 1 to 4 everything is followed. You can also do some research before purchasing a DVR for your system so that you know what’s the best and why.

Securing your DVR and security system from cyber-attacks is essential as it compromises your personal data which under any circumstances must not fall in the wrong hands. A little effort and vigilance from your side can help you in the long run against hackers.

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