Introducing Peter Loftin: The Amazing Work Of A Charitable Businessman

Introducing Peter Loftin: The Amazing Work Of A Charitable Businessman

It is very easy to forget about the hardships in life once you become a successful person, especially, when you did not have to face any of such things in your past life. Here Peter Loftin seems to be different from the rest of the crowd.

Loftin was born as well as raised in North Carolina. His mother was Maree Nelson, a teacher of the local elementary school and his father was Robert G. Loftin, a Korean War veteran. Loftin took the first step towards fulfilling his dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur, right after the first semester in the North Carolina State University.

The first step towards the charitable work:

In 1983, after establishing one of the leading organizations of the current telecommunication industry, Business Telecom Inc. or BTI, Loftin took his first step towards the world of an enormous number of charity works, with his ‘Coats For Kids Foundation’. He was only in his 20s when he established that.

The ultimate goals of the non-profit organization are to find out and communicate the dire needs of the poor children in the United States and provide them with the winter coats. Loftin is also responsible for developing various partnerships, creating several fundraising techniques with the student organizations, business partners, service providers, etc.

Supporting the Special Operations Fund or the SOF

SOF is one of Peter Loftin’s many charitable establishments. SOF is known as the charitable fundraising organization, created by the businessmen, under the guidance and supervision of the Ambassador David C. Miller, Jr. Its main aim is to provide the much needed financial support to the families and children of the Tier 1 Classified soldiers, killed in the action. Out of many things, the organization is also entitled to provide financial support for the college going children of the deceased soldiers.

The child care facility known as the Oak Ranch

Another one of Loftin’s endeavours related to the children is known as the Oak Ranch. It is a 755 acre care facility for the children belonging to the age group of eight to seventeen years old. The children mostly have a dark past and lots of serious mental baggage. Their pasts generally, are filled with sheer abuse, utter negligence or any other kind of psychological issues, capable enough of damaging them in numbers of ways. One of the therapies here includes the equine therapy. In this, children here work at the ranch in a close proximity of the horses and they learn a team work, comprises of how to care for, bride and groom the horses.

Apart from these, Peter Loftin is also a part of many other charities, which include the Scoliosis Research Society, the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, the American Red Cross, etc. He is also the receiver of various prestigious awards, including the ones for Raleigh Fire Marshal Honoree, North Carolina Entrepreneur of the Year, American Red Cross Board of Governors, Duke Honoree Speaker, National Historic Trust, Miami Heat Family Foundation and BTI Centre for the Performing Arts Patron.


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