Long t shirts, a mass appeal garment

Long t shirts, a mass appeal garment

The creation of long t shirts has made a boom in the garment industry. These shirts are not only durable but also versatile. It has an appealing factor that attracts all the users. The colours, patterns and the style is eye catching and offer comfort to any customer. The features of the garment are extraordinary that matches everyone’s choice. The long t shirts over time have become very popular garment that has the ability to display the interests of the users. The tastes and preferences are taken into account by the garment companies. They even use customised screen prints as a part of display.

How is it different?

  • The long t shirts are different from other shirts or garments they can be printed with political slogans, humour or art and sports.  They can be used as promotional vehicle for both products and special events.
  • The size of the t shirts may fit anyone like from infants to seniors. The size is categorised as small, medium, large and extra large. The t shirts for infants are specially designed in order to compensate for the larger heads of the babies. The shoulders are left open so that they can be fastened with buttons or snaps.Image result for Long t shirts, a mass appeal garment
  • The long t shirts are usually made of cotton or polyester as well as a blend of cotton and polyester. The additional advantage with this garment is that the manufacturers are conscious and use cotton that is organically grown and use only natural dyes.
  • The t shirts that are stretchable are usually made of knit fabric. The best example for this is the jerseys that are frequently used. They are very comfortable to wear and are versatile. The jerseys are also relatively inexpensive.
  • These t shirts can be beautified with neckbands that are an additional support to the garment. This gives the neckline of the t shirt a more finished look. The quality of the shirts is always of high quality.
  • The thread that is used by the manufacturer makes the shirts more special. They use several types of colourful threads that would match with the fabric. They avoid any thread that may irritate the skin of the user.
  • The t shirts are different more because of the manufacturing process. It is simple but automated method. They use specially designed machines for cutting, assembling and stitching.
  • The manufacturers follow the regulated guidelines that are specific for t shirt industry. The comfort of the customer is given importance, hence it is loose and the fabric is soft.

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