Methods you Need for the Finer Essay Works

Methods you Need for the Finer Essay Works

Maybe you’re one of those who already know exactly what’s on your website. Then we congratulate you: you may need the following list less as an inspiration, but perhaps more as a checklist to check. But if you have no idea what to write or do to fill your website with meaningful content, then you’ve come to the right place.

Does the website content have to be perfect right the first time?

No, they do not have to be. It is enough if, at the end of this step, there is something on the way to the finished website that has roughly the length and structure of the targeted text. So you can continue to work wonderfully, both in terms of content and design.

My tips for first content on your own website

These tips are a list of possibilities. In general, not all of this content will be needed on every website. But if there are at least a few that you can design and build on your site at this point, then you have a much stronger base for the next steps than a de facto empty site. You can visit for the best choices now.

So start writing texts for your website

We also do not want to claim that writing will be easy for you, just because you know what the topic should be. Some people like to write less than others. That’s ok, but it should not stop you from formulating your thoughts.

For example, if you prefer talking about something rather than writing about it, think about what you would say to someone in personal conversation. Then record yourself as you say it (something your smartphone or computer can do), and simply transcribe your oral notes.

So, now enough talk, here comes the promised list:

Legal content

We do not mention the legal content first because it’s so exciting, but because you may have already created it. If you followed my guide to creating a complete WordPress site right from the start, then at least you’ve read about it at step eight.

If not, then we invite you to read this article now, which gives you specific hints as to which legal content on a website in the German-speaking area: Safe: Legal notice, privacy policy, etc. If you read the article, but the Content has not been created yet, now is a good time for it. So you kill two birds with one stone.


The next point is something you would also say to a visitor visiting your home: Welcome! This text is ultimately best for your homepage (which is something other than your website, as we have described in my article homepage or website? Clarity in the conceptual jungle).

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