MIRA Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

MIRA Stainless Steel Double Wall Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle

Mira double wall vacuum insulated water bottle is actually very big plus stronger than what people imagining it to be. This is a large sturdy water container. Its liquid keeping capacity is 25 fluid ounces. Its exceptional insulation makes sure that your drinkis going to remain cold the entire day. Its cap also opens and closes effortlessly plus it will certainly not outflow.3

The majority of users have decided on to make use of this only for water. For the reason of the constricted mouth on the upper part, this is pretty problematic to wash the inward. When just water is kept within there is not any need to be worried regarding pick up juice otherwise smoothies scrub from the inside.

This is vacuum insulated water bottle rom MIRA is capable tomaintain your drinks hot otherwise cold for fairly a long time. Moreover, this is able to support you saving your beverages ice-cold about twelve long hours at once.

This vacuum water bottle is constructed with very durable materials. Food-grade18/8 stainless steel is used in its fabrication. Its lid is totally BPA plus phthalate-free. Within 17 ounce fluid holding capacity, this water container is sufficiently compacted for stress-free carriage. Still this is big in adequate amount in order to keep your preferred beverages. This water bottle is sweat resistant still whenthis is occupied with ice cubes. Just in case you have a preference for an extensive color ranges alsoyour budget is limitedthen this is the suitable water bottle for you.MIRA insulated water bottle is actually skillfully constructed merchandise! This bottle is obtainable within 18.95 dollar.


  • It is assembled with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel materials.
  • This is built with 100% BPA as well as Phthalate free resources.
  • Its stainless steel substance prevents remaining tastes and aroma, as a resultif you have a preference for milk, water, otherwise juice, your liquid is going to taste just like this ought to be.
  • It is able to maintain fluids hot drinks warm for around twelve hours as well asicy-cold drinks chilly for about twenty four hours.
  • This is a stainless steel portable water bottle that comes with 2 accessible fluid holding capabilities: 17 ounce or 500 ml and 12 ounce or 350 ml volume. The external of this water bottle comes with a vibrant and extremely sturdy, strong-featured polish.
  • This bottle is very comfortable to wash, fill up in addition to consumption. Still when this is full with ice, it might not drip.
  • It features a smoothas well aslong-lasting stainless steel cap. The cap is also insulated plus see page resistant. This saves your cold drink constant icier lacking ever dripping.


  • It is a Vacuum insulated water bottle
  • Constructed with 18/8 food-grade stainless steel material
  • Fluid holding capacity is 17 oz.


  • Its Texture gets scratched with no trouble
  • Less color options
  • Slightly in flexible to add ice chops within the mouth3

Merchandise Description

Double-Wall Insulated Stainless Steel Structure

Using this water bottle from MIRA you are able to remain revived as well as hydrated the whole day. Food-grade 18/8 stainless steel is used in its building. With this bottle you get your most wanted beverages at all times near your hands also constantly at the exact same temperature as you prefer it to be!

Ideal your everyday life

Its 17oz or500 ml fluid holding capability is flawless for remaining hydrated all day. This can offer you hydration even when you are working, in school or else passing time in the open air.

Maintains temperature for a very long time

Its excellent vacuum insulation technique maintains the temperature of your icy-cold beverages flawlessly for about 12 hours.

Excellent Color Choices

MIRA vacuum insulated water bottles comes with striking color options. These are remarkable for equally men, women as well as kids of any ages. This water bottle simply installs into maximum of the car cup holders.

Condensation and sweating Free

The MIRA water bottle comes with an extraordinary class of assembly which ought to offer you many years of application. This bottle is very comfortable to wash, refill, as well as consume from. When this is occupied with ice, it is not going to sweat at all.

BPA free

This bottle and its lid are made with resources that are totally BPA free.

Bottle Information

  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Consumer Review: This water bottle is rated 4.7 out of 5.

Purchaser Review

One consumer said that she was looking for a water bottle which meets her requirements. She found this Mira water container and then decided to give this a try. She said that they currently own three of them for around a few months. They have laid this bottle to great application. These water bottles in fact do better than other bottles of same category in so far as look. These water containers have actually been fallen several times, exploited as per playing props by her sons, and not a single dent is found on the container otherwise mark on the dye.

Another purchaser said that he bought this bottle to give it a shot. But he completely is in love with this bottle. He particularly loves the feature that this is able to preserve the temperature equally of hot fluids and cold beverages. He tested this bottle with coffee. This one unquestionably reserved the coffee hot up to the time he finished this. He checked this out with water, as well. He loved the wide mouth and this is adequately vast to add ice into the container. Next to quite a few hours, the insides were even then chilly. The exterior of the water bottle never sweat. Its cap similarly attaches on amusing plus close-fitting enough and is leakage proof. He is certainly going to suggest this bottle to his friends and colleagues.3

One user mentioned that this is the finest water bottle which she has yet come across. This is an excellent water bottle which saves stuffs cold and never keep hold of any smells or flavor from former loads. This is greatly endorsed by her.

Maximum of its user’s opinion is this is wonderful vacuum insulated water canteen. In case you arein search of a water bottle that comes with great insulation, then this is it. This water bottle preserves the temperature of cold water for very lengthier, more than 12 hours. You are able to add ice intoitas well asfill-upthis with water more than a few times but ice might still not thaw out.


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